Transform Your Waiting Room into A Warm and Relaxed Environment

The indoor climate, especially the quality of the air, has a particularly great influence on the mood of waiting patients or customers.

Waiting room is crucial and yet it is overlooked. Waiting a bit too long in a waiting room can be exhausting, however you get to forget about time when you are in a more relaxed and comfortable environment.  

 We have come up with a few simple steps you can take to subconsciously help your customers to lower their guard and enter a state of peaceful bliss prior to your dealings with them.


Artwork is an accessory that can comfort clients. A simple painting can allow clients the freedom to imagine being in a different place or simply have the relief of a positive distraction.

Add Greenery

Plants are low cost, visually soothing and can be a good way to bring some life into an otherwise boring situation. Using natural plants can improve air quality, temperature and humidity level in a waiting room space.

Water Fountain

The soothing sounds of running water can help to alleviate stress in minutes.  The Borg f4 – Floor Standing Fountain is a perfect centrepiece for your waiting room. The timeless design compliments any space and creates a cool and pleasant vibe for your waiting room.

Ensure a clean, and relaxing vibe in your waiting area so that your patients and customers are happy to return and to recommend you to others.

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Drinking Water Fountains