5 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water Over Winter

We all know the importance of staying more than adequately hydrated during the summer months, however, for many of us, our water intake declines over winter. There are less visible reminders to ensure that you drink water and you are less likely to feel thirst in the cooler weather than you would during hot summer […]Read More

Transform Your Waiting Room into A Warm and Relaxed Environment

The indoor climate, especially the quality of the air, has a particularly great influence on the mood of waiting patients or customers. A waiting room is crucial and yet it is overlooked. A well -designed waiting room can turn patients into loyal customers and change how they feel about their experience.  Here, we share a […]Read More

Outdoor Water Fountains By Elkay

Everywhere people travel, water is a necessity. Here at Drinking Water Fountains, we provide our customers with a huge selection of high quality drinking fountains at the best prices. Whether you are looking for outdoor or indoor fountain, Drinking Water Fountains has the right product for you.  One of our best solutions for outdoor drinking fountains comes […]Read More

Easy and Fun Ways to Make Water Less Boring

Give your glass of water a flavour boost to ensure you get your recommended ounces per day. Drink up! Okay, let’s get our facts straight! Water is not the most exciting drink in the world, but it’s probably the healthiest. Drinking water regulates body temperature, flushes out toxins, aids in digestion, and balances blood sugar, […]Read More

Health Benefits of Drinking Water Fountains

Today with a new set of health challenges, drinking water fountains are still an important element of any healthy space. Drinking Water Fountains have become very popular over the last decade and everyday people are realizing the health benefits a fountain can have. Simply placing your water bottle in the designated space on the fountain […]Read More
Plastic Bag

The Life Cycle of a Plastic Bag

Tuesday was International Plastic Bag Free Day and that got us thinking. Every time we visit the shops, we pop our groceries into a plastic bag and cart them to the car, then from the car to the house. But, you see, the life cycle of the humble plastic bags is actually a whole lot […]Read More
drinking water fountains

Drinking Water Fountains Of The Month

Out of all the of the Drinking Water Fountains out there in the market and on our website, there are certain water fountains which simply outperform any other water fountain in its class. We dive into the 2 top Drinking Water Fountains in terms of functionality, style and price – all of which are important […]Read More

How to save Water in a Drought

Global warming, climate change or extreme weather, call it what you want, the effects are being felt around the world. Cape Town is in the midst of a four-year-long drought, which has seen households limited to 50 litres of water per person per day. To put that in perspective; it equates to a third of […]Read More
Sources of water

The Best Sources of Water for Your Body

Our bodies are made of mostly water. This is something that we have been told for a long time. When we are conceived, our bodies are made up of 99% water. Over time amount of water which makes up our bodies slowly depletes over the course of our lives. Avoiding dehydration will keep you healthy […]Read More

Save Water This Summer

The water shortage catastrophe in the UK is becoming a distressing headache to everyday living in the UK as communities were left with no running water this past winter. The Water supply in the UK stems from rainfall, and in the light of scarce rainfall experienced in the winter months the need for saving water […]Read More
Heavy Water

Heavy Water – What Is It?

What is Heavy Water? Heavy water is identified as water that consists of both hydrogen and oxygen (components of normal water) however, the hydrogen elements are uncommon from normal water. In Heavy Water, the hydrogen atoms have deuterium isotopes rather than the more common protium isotopes. The main difference between deuterium and protium is that […]Read More
Stay Hydrated

How much water should you be drinking?

Is there a certain amount of water that I should be drinking in order to stay hydrated? There is no simple answer to this question. Everyone will require a different amount of water based on a variety of external factors, ranging from their size right through to the temperature. It is, however, important to know […]Read More

How Drinking Fountains Can Reduce Plastic Waste In London

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, plans to improve drinking water access in London in an attempt to reduce plastic waste created by single-use plastic bottles. This is part of a 3-year plan to tackle the immense amount of plastic waste in the capital. The Way Forward The pilot scheme, which is part of a […]Read More

Valentine’s Day Science for Kids

Many kids, when approached with a glass of water or told that it is bath time, will start running for the hills. But as soon as they see a sprinkler, swimming pool or even a water gun they’re over the moon. Why not make Valentine’s Day a little more exciting by doing water-based experiments with […]Read More

Cutting Down Plastic Usage

In light of recent events, there are plans being drawn up for new drinking water fountains in London to cut the number of plastic bottles used. The draft London Plan, which is subject to public consultation, suggests new sites for parks and town centres. The report says that free fountains that can refill bottles and […]Read More

Handwashing Water Temperature VS Germ Removal

A study conducted by Professor Donald Schaffner and researchers, at Rutgers University, has proven that cold water removes the same number of harmful bacteria as hot water. The Experiment Researchers placed high levels of harmful bacteria, multiple times, on the hands of 21 volunteers over a 6-month period. Each time the volunteers were required to […]Read More

Why Your Pet Needs a Water Fountain

Water quality can either aid in, or hinder, you and your pet’s well-being. By providing your pet with clean, healthy water, you are not only increasing their life span but also building up their immune system and ability to fight infections. The 3 Reasons Your Pet Needs a Water Fountain  Prevent Infection Cats and dogs […]Read More

DIY Outdoor Fountain Ideas

There is nothing more peaceful and tranquil than listening to an outdoor water fountain trickle water down its feature while you enjoy your morning fix. Come any season, UK homes are known for its picturesque gardens. Why not spruce your garden up by adding a beautiful garden fountain to take it to another dimension? We […]Read More

Types Of Drinking Water Fountains

It is not possible to say which water fountain is best as each serves a different purpose within its own designated environment.  Staying hydrated is extremely important especially in warmer weather. Drinking water fountains placed strategically around recreational parks and other facilities are a good way to prevent dehydration and boost body functionality through the consumption […]Read More

A Look At Drinking Fountain Prices In The UK

Are you in need of a drinking fountain but completely unsure of how to find the right long-term hydration? Well we have some good news for you then, in this article we explore the different types of fountains that are available and general drinking fountain prices of these units. Indoor Drinking Fountains Wall Mounted These […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountain Troubleshooting

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock a wide variety of drinking fountains that are suitable for all types of environments and sectors. We also strongly believe in ensuring that our customers’ needs and requirements are met when it comes to their preferred hydration solution. Drinking fountains are robust water dispensers that require little maintenance and […]Read More

The Water Fountain of Youth

Water has been known to cure minor ailments faced and helps the body function in tough time. A full grown adult can go without food for weeks but water only a few days. Water Fountain of Youth It is no coincidence that water was referred to as “the fountain of youth” as water held a […]Read More

Hydration | Drinking Water Compared To Other Drinks

Drinking water is undoubtedly the best for hydration. It contains no calories, doesn’t damage your teeth nor does it contribute to weight gain. However, 20-40% of the daily fluid intake is from food. Drinks other than water often contain calories, sugar, and/or caffeine. Caffeine has a diuretic effect so many people believe tea and coffee […]Read More

Are Public Water Fountains Hygienic?

At common areas like parks, gyms, schools or universities its essential that there are easily accessible water solutions. However, many people question whether it’s sanitary to use a public drinking water fountain as so many people have used it before you have. We are about to explain the dirty and not so dirty truth. Debunking […]Read More

Water Fountain Wonders

Fountains have a variety of different functionalities, from your conventional drinking water fountain to works of art for viewing pleasure. Why do we love water fountains so much? Fountains have become a point of gathering for tourists and locals to admire the culture, beauty and architecture. It’s a place where people play their music, sit […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountain Hygiene

Drinking clean, pure water is almost as important as staying hydrated. It has been proven that children do not drink enough water at school, evidence shows that mild dehydration results in a measurable decline in mental performance. A recent study of young adults found that mental performance decreased by 10% when they were thirsty. The […]Read More

How your body uses water

We all know water is extremely important for our bodies. You can last 3 weeks without eating any food but can only survive 3 days without drinking water! And that by the time you realise you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. But do you know exactly why it’s so good for us and how […]Read More

How To Effectively Clean Your Drinking Fountain

Adding an indoor or outdoor drinking water fountain to your environment is a great way to encourage our staff or customers to stay hydrated. To ensure your that your water dispenser has an increased lifespan, proper maintenance is key. If you’re worried that you just might blow a gasket trying to figure it out, we’ve […]Read More

The Importance of Hydration during Sporting Events

Summer time is perfect for working out or playing sports while enjoying the long lasting light. Let’s face it, summer is definitely a favourite season for many. This does, however, require one to remain hydrated. Drinking Water Fountains are here to ensure your hydration is taken care of. When the heat strikes you will naturally […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains In Schools And Gyms

Drinking water fountains are a long-term hydration solutions that are built to withstand high demand environments. Having easy access to clean drinking water is essential in places such as schools and gyms. Investing in one or more fountains is important as it plays a major role in developing our bodies and brains. Water Fountains In […]Read More

Advantages Of Owning A Water Fountain

There are approximately one-thousand reasons why you should own a drinking water fountain. In the 1900’s drinking water from a stream was the norm and well, drinkable. The water was pure and fresher than any other source of water. But today, streams and dams have been neglected and thus do not offer the cleanest drinking […]Read More

Our Drinking Fountain Brands

In our inventory, we have a range of drinking water fountains for any and every environment. Whether you are looking for an outdoor, indoor, floor standing or a wall mounted drinking fountain – we stock them all. We have selected 3 brands to highlight in this post, Elkay drinking fountains, Oasis drinking fountains and Cosmetal […]Read More

Indoor Bottle Filling Station

If your workplace keeps up with the latest technologies, it probably has an indoor bottle filling station. The most basic water bottle filling stations are essentially a water fountain with an extra nozzle for bottles. Combined with keeping staff hydrated, they get some exercise in the process. While we all know the benefits of having […]Read More

Stay Healthy! Drink Water At The Right Time

Here at Drinking Water Fountains, we care about making sure our clients stay hydrated. That’s why we’ve created this easy to follow guide that advises you when the best times of the day to drink water are.   Drinking Water Fountains are one of the UK’s leading supplier of drinking fountains. We are sure to […]Read More

We Are The UK’s Leading Drinking Fountain Supplier

Are you looking for a reliable company to provide you with a drinking water fountain for your business? Then look no further than Drinking Water Fountains. With over 10 years’ experience in the hydration industry, we are the UK’s leading drinking fountain supplier. Why Choose Drinking Water Fountains It’s simple. We care about our customers […]Read More

Hydration in Fitness

Are you into your fitness? Do you know that it is vital to keep hydrated especially when you are working out? Water regulates our body temperature and protects our vital organs. It also acts within each cell to transport nutrients and dispel waste. It is impossible for humans to stay alive without water.   Water […]Read More

Repairing a Drinking Water Fountain

Drinking fountains are sold with promises of top quality and efficiency, wear and tear can occur. There are various issues which can occur to a water fountain. Some are basic and others, not so much. Drinking Water Fountains ensures that every water fountain contains an instruction guide for unforeseen circumstances. Our instruction manuals are great […]Read More

A Brief and Curious History of Drinking Water Fountains

It’s time for Drinking Water Fountains to take you on a historical timeline. Ever wondered where drinking fountains derived from or how they emerged? Well, let us enlighten you. It is believed that an early example of a water fountain dates back to around 3000 BC. This water fountain was found in Mesopotamia. The drinking […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains for Schools

Children’s hydration is important as their bodies lose typically more water than adults. Children spend majority of their day at school which gives schools the opportunity to enhance and support the importance of drinking water. We all know that children are generally very active especially during break periods and in class (even when they are […]Read More

Installing A Drinking Water Fountain

Drinking Water Fountains stock a range of innovative hydration solutions. Are you looking to install a drinking fountain? If so you’ve come to the right place! Follow our step by step guide below: Step One – Find A Power And Water Supply Before installing your drinking water fountain, you will need to find a reliable […]Read More

Specialised Drinking Fountains For Construction Sites

Drinking Water Fountains are London’s leading supplier of drinking water fountains. With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, we are sure to have the perfect hydration system for you. We pride ourselves on our selection of quality water fountains and our customer service. When it comes to specialised drinking fountains for construction sites, we […]Read More

Spare Parts For Your Water Fountain

At Drinking Water Fountains, we take great pride in building and maintaining long term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We supply drinking water fountains and their complementing spare parts to customers throughout the UK. We only source the highest quality water dispenser products available on the market and it is our aim to thoroughly […]Read More

Find Out More About Elkay Water Fountains

Drinking Water Fountains stock a range of innovative brands which are of the highest quality. Elkay drinking water fountains are among the most reliable and robust dispensers available on the market. Elkay started manufacturing water coolers in 1920 and was founded in the USA. Over the years they have expanded their business and now produce […]Read More

We Stock Drinking Fountains For All Sectors

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock the widest selection of drinking fountains available on the UK market. Whether you need a floor standing model or a unit that is built into the very infrastructure of your building, we are sure to stock the ideal hydration solution for you. Drinking fountains come in numerous shapes, sizes […]Read More

The Impact of Having a Drinking Water Fountain

At Drinking Water Fountains, we pride ourselves in offering a wide selection of drinking water fountains designed to suit a number of workspace requirements. We have one of the largest varieties of drinking fountains and take living up to our high service levels seriously. Whether you need an indoor fountain or an outdoor unit, we […]Read More

What To Consider When Buying A Drinking Water Fountain

At Drinking Water Fountains, we only offer the highest quality water dispensers and services to customers across the UK. Whether you are looking for a bottle filling station or a fountain to withstand harsh external conditions, we are sure to have the right drinking water fountain for you. We have one of the widest selections […]Read More

Why Maintenance is Important for Drinking Water Fountains

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock one of the widest selections of water fountains available on the UK market. As leaders in the hydration industry, we have over 10 years’ experience in scoping environments and installing drinking water fountains. Whether you need an indoor drinking fountain or a more robust external model, we are sure […]Read More

Benefits Of Using Filters For You Water Fountains

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock a range of innovative hydration solutions fit for all sectors of business. A water fountain is an ideal way to provide fresh drinking water which is uncontaminated and contains fewer chemicals than tap water. Many people often ask why it is important to have a water filter in your […]Read More

Pros Of Having A Drinking Water Fountain

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock a wide range of water dispensers that are sure to provide numerous types of environments with refreshing drinking water. Drinking fountains come in different sizes and shapes as well as functionalities. From floor standing models to wall mounted units, we are sure to have a long term hydration solution […]Read More

We Only Stock The Most Trusted Drinking Fountains

At Drinking Water Fountains, we only stock the best available brands on the market. We believe in providing our customers with the best possible hydration solutions and service we can offer. Find out more about the brands we stock below. Elkay Drinking Water Fountains Elkay Water Fountains date back to the early 1920’s with a […]Read More

Exploring Bottle Filling Stations

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock only the most reliable and innovative drinking fountains available on the market. Ensuring that all of our customers’ needs and requirements are met is a top priority for us. Talking about innovation in our industry, our range of bottle filling stations are the latest modern twist to hydration solutions. […]Read More

Troubleshooting Your Drinking Fountain

At Drinking Water Fountains, we stock a wide variety of drinking fountains that are suitable for all types of environments and sectors. We also strongly believe in ensuring that our customers’ needs and requirements are met when it comes to their preferred hydration solution. Drinking fountains are robust water dispensers that require little maintenance and […]Read More

What Exactly Is A Recessed Drinking Fountain?

At Drinking Water Fountains, we are all about providing a diverse range of drinking water fountains. From outdoor water fountains to indoor floor standing units, we really have something for everyone. Are you interested in purchasing a recessed drinking fountain, but are not sure if it is the right product for you?   Let’s explore […]Read More

Your One Stop Shop For Drinking Fountains

Drinking Water Fountains supplies an extensive range of specialised drinking water solutions. We have over a decade of experience in supplying customers who are seeking to install lasting drinking fountains in their respective facilities. Indoor Drinking Fountains We offer an extensive range of indoor drinking water solutions tailored to suit a variety of different requirements. […]Read More

Prepare For The Upcoming September Heatwave

Temperatures in some parts of the UK are going to reach up to 32 degrees in the next few days. It’s time to fill up those water bottles and prepare yourself for the heat! Drinking Water Fountains are here to help you during this heat wave with some top tips on how to stay hydrated. […]Read More

Our Innovative Bottle Filling Stations

Here at Drinking Water Fountains, we offer a range of bottle filling stations ideal for education, healthcare, fitness and hospitality facilities. Our innovative units are contemporary and robust, this means they are guaranteed to withstand high capacity. So what makes our bottle filling stations so special? Lower Carbon Footprint and More Environmentally Friendly. By investing […]Read More

Our Indoor Drinking Water Fountains Range

At Drinking Water Fountains, we offer a wide range of water fountains for both indoor and outdoor environments. If you are looking for floor standing units or wall mounted fountains and even bottle filling stations, we stock them all. Our drinking water fountains come in a variety of styles that are the ideal hydration solutions […]Read More

We Supply Drinking Fountain Spare Parts

Looking for affordable and reliable drinking water fountain spare parts? As our name suggests, we supply everything when it comes to your drinking fountain. At Drinking Water Fountains, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of drinking fountain parts to customers across the UK. Not only do we offer an extensive online store of […]Read More

We Install Drinking Water Fountains

Access to clean drinking water is a vital resource for schools, offices and public premises. While tap water might be your only drinking water solution for now, the water is often too warm or cold and may contain traces of chlorine and other particles that have not been filtered out properly. The perfect hydration solution […]Read More

Do All Drinking Water Fountains Come With A Built-In Filter?

Our aim at Drinking Water Fountains is to deliver efficient and effective services to our valued customers. There are various technicalities which need to be addressed when it comes to choosing the best hydration solution for your environment. Drinking Water Fountains and Filters A question that we have come across often is whether all drinking […]Read More

Did You Know We Rent Drinking Water Fountains?

Drinking water fountains are increasingly becoming a popular installation in both recreational and educational environments. The convenience of having water readily available and easy to access is a necessity in public areas. We offer the largest selection of outdoor drinking fountains in the UK including floor standing and wall mounted units. Our indoor drinking water […]Read More

Installing Drinking Water Fountains

We aim to provide quality services to all our water coolers and water fountains customers to ensure that we met their requirements time after time. Every drinking water fountain is unique and has intricate care processes. We have a team of highly skilled water specialists who are able to install your drinking water fountain. They […]Read More

The Importance of a Water Filter

We offer a variety of drinking fountain water filters. Their function is to filter mains water before it goes through the drinking fountain to ensure that the water consumed is free of contaminants. Water filters are an important element for a water fountain, whether it is indoor or outdoor. We supply customers with two main […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountain Rental Options

At Drinking Water Fountains, we offer affordable long and short term rental agreements to customers across the UK. If you are looking for a reliable drinking water fountain, we stock a wide variety of dispensers that are sure to match numerous requirements and environments. From floor standing water fountains to wall mounted water fountains, we […]Read More

We Offer Drinking Fountain Repair Services

At Drinking Water Fountains, we firmly believe in establishing long term relationships with our customers. We pride ourselves on providing customers with high quality products as well as assisting them with the long term maintenance service and plans. Drinking fountains are robust workhorses that deliver a high capacity of refreshing water time after time. Although […]Read More

Our Bestselling Drinking Water Fountains

At Drinking Water Fountains we offer a variety of indoor drinking water fountains that are designed to suit a number of requirements and environments. From wall mounted to floor standing fountains, we stock long term hydration solutions that will constantly produce fresh and filtered water. Looking for the ideal drinking water fountain for your working […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains in Schools

Did you know that a fifth of UK school children drink no water and 10% of schools lack drinking water facilities? The importance of having easily accessible drinking water fountains at schools has been a rising factor. There are various reasons as to why this is a growing problem. Luckily, there is a solution which […]Read More

Popular Drinking Water Fountain Brands

Are you looking to rent or purchase a drinking water fountain? We have some awesome news for you, we stock a variety of high quality drinking water fountain brands available at sound prices. Whether you need a wall mounted, floor standing or recessed drinking fountain, we stock them all. Each drinking water fountain is hand […]Read More

Drinking Fountains For Construction Sites

Water consumption on construction sites is a very important matter to consider when planning an up and coming construction project. At Drinking Water Fountains, we supply fountains to construction sites across the UK. We understand the importance of hydration for workers on construction sites and offer short term, high usage fountain hire. We are relatively […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains For Leisure Facilities

Looking for the latest innovations in the water fountain market? Drinking Water Fountains has a reputation for supplying leisure industries with top of the range, long term hydration solutions. We stock everything from floor standing drinking fountains to bottle filling stations which are ideal solutions for gyms, spas and sports clubs alike. If you are […]Read More

Public Sector Drinking Water Fountains

Drinking Water Fountains offer customers the widest range of long term hydration solutions which are available for rent or straight up purchase. We pride ourselves in offering our customers across the UK with quality drinking fountains and exceptional customer services. The Public Sector Is Our Speciality We specialise in installing and maintaining drinking water fountains […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains For The Health Sector

Drinking Water Fountains are a leading supplier of a wide range of drinking fountain solutions. We offer indoor fountains to customers across the UK and have ten years of industry experience in providing a range of integrated long term hydration solutions. Our hand selected indoor drinking water fountains are ideal for hospitals, medical centres, nursing […]Read More

The New Pro Stream From Cosmetal

Drinking Water Fountains love finding new products that make your life easier. It is time to say goodbye to long waiting times for hot water! Now with the touch of a button, the innovative Pro Stream from Cosmetal will instantly dispense extra hot water at 98° C which is the ideal temperature for a number […]Read More

Why You Need A Water Filter For A Drinking Water Fountain

Drinking Water Fountains are known to be specialist providers of a wide range of drinking water fountains. We are in partnership with two of the UK’s leading water providers, The Water Cooler Company and The Water Delivery Company. Here at Drinking Water Fountains, we aim to provide our customers with the best possible service and […]Read More

Water Access And Consumption In Schools

Drinking Water Fountains are dedicated to providing clean, accessible drinking water to customers all over the UK. We also specialise in providing drinking water fountains for schools and other community areas where children need access to water. We all know that water is a vital substance for children and adults. Limited access to water during […]Read More

Cosmetal Drinking Water Fountains

Cosmetal Drinking Water Fountains were founded in Italy in 1963. With more than 50 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing water coolers, Cosmetal are now one of the leading drinking water fountain companies in Europe. Cosmetal drinking water fountains offer a range of high performance products with great sturdiness. The range of water fountains come […]Read More

Do I Need a Water Cooler or a Drinking Water Fountain?

Getting the right source of clean and filtered water can be quite tricky if you are not sure what type of system you actually need. There are numerous options out there, from bottled water coolers to indoor drinking water fountains so it can become a bit confusing deciding what the best option for you is. Well, […]Read More

Elkay Drinking Fountains

Drinking Water Fountains are a proud distributor of Elkay drinking fountains. These drinking fountains are one of the most popular and sought after water dispensers in the United Kingdom. This world renowned company have been manufacturing and distributing drinking fountains for over one hundred years and offer a vast range of both indoor and outdoor […]Read More

Oasis Drinking Fountains

  Drinking Water Fountains are a proud distributor of Oa sis drinking fountains and water coolers. Oasis established its business over 100 years ago in both the United Kingdom and Europe. This well recognized brand can now be found worldwide and provides top of the range bottled and plumbed-in coolers as well as filtration equipment, non-refrigerated drinking […]Read More

How Coffee Affects the Workplace

Unsurprisingly coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. The British are slowly replacing their traditional cup of tea with coffee in the workplace and there must be a reason, or most likely more than one for this. Each year about 1.7 billion cups of coffee are sold in the UK alone. […]Read More

Why Choose a Drinking Water Fountain

Drinking water fountains are a great way to provide chilled, clean water in your office or home environment. Drinking water fountains are especially popular in areas occupied by large numbers of people including larger offices, schools, universities, event centres and other areas where water is in high demand. Let’s have a look at some of […]Read More

Outdoor Drinking Fountains

Outdoor drinking fountains are popular in areas of high usage like schools, colleges, sport facilities, gyms or hospitals. Outdoor drinking fountains are available in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from classic to modern architectural styles. Some models even chill and filter the mains fed water. Water drinking fountains are often made from durable […]Read More

Our Most Popular Indoor Standing Fountains

We have come up with a few popular recommendations that will help you choose the best indoor drinking fountain for your needs. The Elkay FD70010 Floor Standing Water Fountain seems like the perfect place to start. Elkay water fountains are of the highest quality products on the market as they are an extremely reputable manufacturer. […]Read More

Water Fountains and Public Health

Drinking Water Fountains are one of the leading suppliers of high quality water related products in the UK which includes indoor and outdoor water fountains. We’ve outlined the benefits of installing a drinking fountain and addressed common concerns related to hygiene and safety to help you choose the right water fountain for you. Water fountains […]Read More

Water Quality | Troubleshooting

One of the easier water fountain issues to detect is water quality. It generally comes down to the taste of the water itself or whether any odours are emitted. This may be caused by a number of problems, but it usually comes down to the installation of the unit and method applied by the technicians. […]Read More

How a drinking water fountain works | Infographic

A drinking water fountain offers refreshing and chilled H2O, whether it is a indoor or outdoor drinking fountain. Have you ever wondered how a drinking water fountain actually works? We have put together a simple infographic which briefly explains how drinking water fountains works. We are adding new  accessories and spare parts all the time, […]Read More

Why Water Fountains Are Suited To Harsh Environments

It can sometimes be tricky to implement the correct infrastructure for a high-density facility like a prison. There are many factors to consider, for example areas of high usage, robust materials for a tough environment and of course safety. When it comes to dispending drinkable water in this kind of establishment, it’s important to ensure […]Read More
Stay Hydrated

Why Water Fountains Are Great For Gyms

According to the Natural Hydration Council in the UK – drinking water before, during and after exercise helps us to work out more efficiently and for longer. In fact, physical and cognitive performance can suffer when we are poorly hydrated while working out or playing sports. It’s no surprise that gyms of all shapes and […]Read More

Another heatwave on the way: 5 life hacks to help you stay cool

Summer season this year around is not playing around. At the beginning of July 2015, Britain recorded its highest temperatures ever this year as it soared to 32°C. But if you thought we were in the clear, you’d be sorely wrong. Forecasters have predicted that the UK will experience another wave of heat as the […]Read More

How to Stay Cool and Out of the Heatwave this Summer

Summer: a much celebrated season that encourages outdoor activities and much needed breaks. It’s a time for great joy, but also presents its own set of challenges, with heat being one of them. On the 30th of July, the Met Office issued a level 2 alert in preparation of a heatwave that could possibly increase […]Read More
New York High Line Drinking Water Fountains 0104

Maintaining and Repairing Drinking Fountains

In recent years, there has been a big drive to eradicate the use of plastic water bottles with an increase of public drinking fountains, both outdoors and within office spaces, and even homes. While for the most part drinking fountains were phased out of urban plans, individuals are taking up the challenge of ensuring that […]Read More

Bottle Filling Stations | The Drinking Fountain of the Future

Possibilities of water shortages in the future are undoubtedly real, and can no longer be ignored according to environmental activists and even some governments of the international community. As the world faces the looming threat of climate change and pollution, many have speculated that one of the most affected resources will be water. As temperatures […]Read More

7 Reasons Why Buying a Drinking Fountain Is Better

Buying a water dispenser can be quite a strenuous ordeal. You have to consider the fixture’s costs, durability and practicality. So, if you’re looking for something that will meet all your needs, buying a drinking fountain is probably your best bet and this is why. Drinking fountains require very little attention Besides cleaning them regularly, […]Read More

Schools Need More Outdoor Drinking Fountains to Combat Obesity

Children’s health continues to be at the center of much discussion amongst many stakeholders, including parents, teachers, government bodies and health practitioners. An overwhelming 33% and 25% of girls and boys, respectively, are said to be obese and to cost the country an astounding 2 billion annually. One argument is that young children aren’t drinking […]Read More

The History of the Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain

Drinking fountains have come a long way from just being utilitarian fixtures to aesthetically pleasing water dispensers. Today there are a myriad of fountains on the market, with the stainless steel drinking fountain being one of the most popular options. Its history is quite significant, as it marked a turn from the use of materials […]Read More
Saving Water in The House

Infographic: Save the Planet (Water Matters)

Water is a precious resource that we need to conserve. In our own households, we might be wasting or contaminating vast amounts of H20 without even noticing, which is why it is important to investigate how we use water. Once we know where and how we waste or contaminate water, we can start making changes to […]Read More

Just how old is the water on Earth?

In short, some of our water could actually be older than the sun. A recent study estimated that there are water molecules on Earth that are up to 4.6 billion years old, which means they predate the formation of the Milky Way. According to The Huffington Post, a significant portion of the water we use […]Read More

How water filters work

Even when water looks perfectly clear and clean, there could still be harmful bacteria, chemicals or microscopic particles in it. This is why it’s essential to have a proper system in place to clean the water you use – whether it’s drinking fountain water filters at the office or a filtration system on your taps […]Read More

This Woman Is On A Mission to Save Drinking Fountains

Can you remember the last time you saw a drinking fountain, never mind actually drank from one? Around the world, heading to the shops to buy bottled water has become far more common than looking for a tap to take a drink from. It’s not exactly surprising since the interest in drinking water even in […]Read More

How to Maintain a Drinking Fountain

Drinking fountains are well-known for adding both aesthetic and refreshing qualities to an office, public space or even home. Whether yours is an indoor or outdoor model, it’s important that you ensure its proper maintenance. This will help to preserve its lifespan for many years to come. If you’re wondering exactly how to maintain a […]Read More

7 Reasons Why You NEED a Drinking Fountain

One of the first drinking fountains in the world was constructed in the UK (in 1859) as a solution to the pressing problems of the times. In particular, the poor quality of water which encouraged rampant out breaks of cholera. As a result of this contaminated hydration, many turned to drinking only beer – which […]Read More

Identifying the Best Drinking Fountains for Your Facility

You might think that a first world country like the UK wouldn’t have issues such as dehydration, but you’d be wrong. In fact, a report by the National Health Service in 2013 showed that over 42,000 deaths were the result of not drinking enough water. Not only does it affect adults, but also children who […]Read More

How to get your staff on an Energy Efficient Drive

Your interest to lower your office’s energy consumption might not stem from a passion to save the planet, but it’s still a smart move. With rising costs in energy, production and raw materials, being an efficient business can have the preferred effect on your bottom line. However, lowering your expenditure on utilities isn’t as easy […]Read More

The Health Benefits of Soda Water for Kids and Professionals

Children and professionals often see sparkling water as a more enticing option, with its refreshing effervescence that gives it a leg up on regular still water. Not only does sparkling soda water do the job when it comes to keeping people hydrated, but it can also have some other benefits as a result of its […]Read More

Why Waste Money You Can Make Your Own Soda Drinks?

Making your own fizzy drinks isn’t really new. With a variety of mechanisms on the market, guaranteeing to give your drink a little added fizz, there isn’t really a person around who hasn’t tried to make their own soda beverage at least once in their lifetime. But is making your own soda drinks a viable […]Read More

Choosing the Right Drinking Fountain for Landscaping

As construction contractor, you have your work cut out for you when dealing with picky clients who want an outdoor drinking water fountain. There are so many factors you have to consider, including where to place it and who will use it. To top it off, you have to get everything right before installing one, […]Read More

Can We Live Without Bottled Water?

Imagine a world where bottled water doesn’t exist. Would we be able to live like that?  Perhaps a better question would be: should we live without it? Producing bottled water has harrowing effects on the environment, yet we consume it at an alarming rate.  According to The Water Project, plastic bottles take more than 1000 […]Read More
water supply safe for drinking

How to Tell if Your Water Supply is Safe for Drinking

When it comes to healthy living, there are so many considerations that need to be taken. Everything you do, from the food you eat to how long you sit at a desk every day and the type of water you drink is surrounded by all sorts of opinions, research and fads. When it comes to […]Read More

How to Improve Employee Wellbeing By Improving Your Offices and Facilities

Most companies might adhere to the health and safety standards set by the government, but don’t necessarily have user-friendly facilities that are conducive for healthy employee wellbeing. Aspects such as the office layout and positioning of essentials such as drinking fountains and water coolers are overlooked, which impacts productivity and demoralizes staff. To help you create […]Read More

Why Are Drinking Water Fountains a Scarcity in the UK?

Walking around the UK’s parks of today, you’d be lucky to find a source of public drinking water fountains to stay hydrated. In fact, in 2010 the Children’s Food Campaign (CFC) found that only 11% of the 140 parks they surveyed featured drinking water fountains. This, however, was in stark contrast of public interest in […]Read More
Employee Health Drinking Water Fountain

How Water Impacts Employee Wellbeing

Slowly the reality is dawning – companies need to start paying better attention to their staff members’ health and wellbeing. This is currently at the forefront of discussions in business circles, since the only way to maintain a competitive advantage in the long term is for a company to make their staffs’ physical and mental […]Read More
beautiful water drinking fountains

Drinking Water Fountains… Or Works of Art?

Here at Drinking Water Fountains, we love water. We also border on mildly obsessed when it comes to drinking water fountains. And we love to discover creative fountains that can easily double as works of art! Water from outdoor drinking fountains is free and reduces the negative impact of environmentally unfriendly plastics in the form […]Read More
water drinking fountains schools pupils

Can Drinking Water Fountains be Safe in Schools?

As most of you know, the news has recently been set alight by the story of a nine-year-old boy who was granted – and then lost – a pay-out of £3 215 after cutting himself on a drinking water fountain when his seven-year-old brother moved out of the way of his fist. While the internet […]Read More
Drinking Fountain Etiquette

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Drinking Water Fountains

There are plenty of ways to be creepy and awkward at the gym, in the office, and in life in general. The public drinking fountain is certainly one potential scenario that can make for awkward situations, guaranteed to leave everyone involved cringing. While many have made the move towards bottled water, we believe there’s a […]Read More
Glass Water Cooler Bottles

Great Bear Water Cooler Bottles

Great Bear Water Cooler Bottles have inadvertently become a sideline passion of one of our owners, and we think they are an important part of the hydration story that drinking water fountains fit into. We have been involved in water products across the UK & Europe for only ten years, but have taken the time […]Read More
Billboard drinking fountain

Billboard Drinking Fountain

A team of brilliant engineering students from Peru’s University of Engineering and Technology have tdeveloped the worlds first billboard drinking fountain station – A lifesaver for the residents of the desert city of Lima. The brainchild of the creative director of Peru’s advertising agency Mayo DraftFCB, the billboard is a brilliant way to ‘kill two […]Read More
Outdoor Drinking Fountains for schools

Outdoor Drinking Fountains for schools

We were recently passed this image of an outdoor drinking fountain for schools in South Africa – a real triumph of ingenuity over cost. We think that the design of this particular outdoor drinking fountain could be improved slightly but the main elements are all in place. Perhaps more of a soakaway for waste water […]Read More
Drinking Fountain Tap

Replacement Drinking water fountain taps

Drinking water fountains are our game. Since 2006 we have been supplying drinking fountain solutions to clients across the UK. We also offer a maintenance service and one of the most commonly requested parts is drinking water fountain taps. We all know from time to time things tend to break.In general buying replacement parts directly […]Read More

The future of the mains-fed water cooler industry

Chairman of the European Drinking Water Cooler Association James Anderton recently shared the association’s views on the priorities for the mains-fed water cooler sector in 2012. The economic challenges posed in the current climate are one of the biggest difficulties the water cooler industry is up against. “With the backdrop of economic instability, the industry is faced […]Read More
drinking water fountain competition

Fancy fountains for the Royal Parks

The Royal Parks in London are beautiful public spaces for visitors from across the world. As such, it is vital that free and fresh clean drinking water is available for these visitors. The Royal Parks Foundation decided that it did not just want any fountains though, and launched a competition for people to submit their […]Read More
drinking fountain association

Association promotes use of drinking fountains

Drinking Water Fountains tremendously value the importance of the product that we sell. And we are not the only ones! The Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association was established in 1859. The main objectives of the Association are to promote the provision of drinking water for both people and animals. Its work focuses not […]Read More

Can we afford to dig deep for drinking water fountains?

During a time when money is tight and many people in Britain are still struggling to find work, we are continually being asked to donate to charities who fund and oversee the building of drinking water fountains in developing countries. We’ve all seen the powerful, guild-inducing advertising, complete with harrowing statistics about how many children […]Read More

Colorado Drinking Fountain from Oasis

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Colorado water fountain from Oasis. The best value stainless steel water fountain available in the UK. Oasis have been manufacturing water fountains in the USA since 1910 and finally in 2012 they have launched a great value fountain that suits many environments. The new Colorado fountain […]Read More
water leaks drinking water

Water leaks waste billions of litres

Responsible use of water is something we are all reminded about frequently, particularly in this ‘age of austerity’ and at a time when green issues are at the forefront of almost every political agenda. However, it can be frustrating for customers, who pay increasing prices and still ensure they are conscientious with their water usage, […]Read More
school drinking water fountains

Water – the drink to help you think!

Water is essential for life, it is the largest constituent of the human body and makes up 65% of a boy’s body weight and 60% of a girl’s. Adequate fluid intake is particularly important for children as they have immature thirst mechanisms, relatively high fluid loss and high activity levels. With less developed sweating and […]Read More
stylish drinking water fountain

Water fountains – style AND substance!

We all know the health benefits that having a drinking water fountain at home can bring. But it can also add a bit of style to your home, office or outside space. The drinking water fountains on offer today are contemporary, sleek and stylish. Far from being a clumsy looking appliance to hide away, they […]Read More

New installation of water fountains across Oxford expected

The all saints drinking fountain in Oxford is one of the fountains that we expect to announce will be restored to glorious working order by one of our clients. A network of water fountains across Oxford is expected to returned to working order by a local plumbing/maintenance company who we have been working with recently. […]Read More

Shutting off the water supply to a water fountain

It is common for customers to look to shutting off the water to a water fountain (or water cooler). This is often the case if there is water leaking from the fountain or if you are looking to shut off the water to water  fountains over a period like school holidays or during a winter […]Read More

Community invests in drinking fountain

Visitors to St Luke’s Gardens in Chelsea can now quench their thirst with fresh water from a smart Italian water fountain courtesy of the Sydney Street and District Residents’ Association. The Residents’ Association was given a grant of £500 from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and decided to use the grant to buy […]Read More
public drinking water fountain Hyde Park

London’s best drinking water fountains

There are many beautiful drinking water fountains across London, but Time Out, a go-to guide for London, has compiled a list of their five favourites, to make it easier for you to stay hydrated wherever you are in the capital! 1 The Freeman Family Fountain, Hyde Park, W1 Standing on a plinth of granite, this polished […]Read More
WaterDog drinking water fountain

WaterDog fountain for furry friends

Drinking Water Fountains sells top quality products to ensure that people are able to have a fresh drink of water whenever they need one. But what about our four-legged friends? In the hot summer months, dogs can suffer from dehydration, just like we can. Unless dog owners are mind-readers and know exactly when they want […]Read More
drinking water fountain access

Water shortages at the Olympics

Water fountains are a valuable resource and the London Olympics have seen the potential problems caused when there is not enough access to drinking water fountains. Water supplies have been seen over the past week during the opening days of the Olympics as temperatures, and thirst levels, soared. Spectators cannot bring drinks of more than […]Read More
drinking water fountains

How much water do we really need?

Millions of us try to glug two litres of water a day. We believe it helps keep us healthy and slim but Australian nutritionist Spero Tsindos, at La Trobe University in Melbourne, sparked controversy by claiming that eight glasses of water a day ‘is over the top’ and instead of hydrating our body’s cells, most […]Read More
school drinking water fountains

Drinking water fountains in schools

Recent research has shown that children aren’t drinking enough water at school as access to water in schools is often quite poor. Water can help prevent the tiredness and irritability often associated with dehydration and can improve a pupils concentration levels. The answer in many cases is to provide your school with water fountains. The […]Read More
stainless steel water fountain

What is a drinking water fountain?

Drinking water fountains are designed to provide drinking water in an instant. Connected to the mains water supply, water fountains have a basin arrangement with a tap or bubbler that dispenses either continuously running water or water on demand. Fountains are typically made from stainless steel and may incorporate carbon filters to remove taste and bad odours from […]Read More
Halsey Taylor drinking water fountain

Who invented the drinking water fountain?

The modern drinking fountain was invented and manufactured in the early 1900s by two men: Halsey Willard Taylor with the Halsey Taylor Company; and Luther Haws with the Haws Sanitary Drinking Faucet Co. These two companies changed how water was served in public places. Taylor’s father had died of typhoid fever caused by contaminated public drinking […]Read More
public drinking water fountain

Royal Parks Foundation creates the ultimate drinking fountain

The Royal Parks Foundation’s quest to create the ultimate drinking fountain for the Royal Parks was finally complete as Watering Holes, a unique sculptural stone fountain, was launched in Green Park, following the unveiling of Moxon Architects’ Trumpet in Kensington Gardens earlier this year. The two fountains are the winners of an international RIBA design […]Read More

Trevi Fountain in Rome loses leaves

Several decorative pieces have fallen off the Trevi Fountain in Rome, raising the alarm that one of the eternal city’s most famous structures needs a new major restoration. Stone laurel leaves fell from the top frieze of the fountain, which marks the terminal point of one of the aqueducts that brought drinking water to ancient […]Read More
Drinking Water Fountains in offices

DWF1 Drinking water fountain

Here at Drinking water fountains we recognise the need for a solid and robust drinking fountain in many locations. Our DWF1 and DWF2 fountains are made of solid grade 304 steel making them ideal. They are perfect for use in schools and educational institutions. The DWF2 includes a stainless steel shroud which conceals the pipework.Please […]Read More
historic public drinking fountain

City’s historic drinking fountain is restored

Lichfield District Council has set about restoring an historic drinking fountain in the city. Lichfield District Council is using funding secured from city developers to clean and restore the Serjeantson Fountain on Greenhill in Lichfield. Contractors dug out the fountain and pump stone on Wednesday 23 May, and took them away so they could receive […]Read More
public drinking water fountains

Public fountains to help the environment

ParknPool, an American company, have joined forces with GlobalTap to ensure that the public have access to fresh drinking water at all times, whilst also promoting reusable bottles and deterring people from purchasing bottled water. GlobalTap is an eco-friendly organisation whose aim is to ensure access to clean, safe drinking water across the globe, alongside […]Read More
public drinking water fountain

Historic fountain gets a royal revamp

An historic public drinking fountain is in line for a facelift to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The 115-year-old fountain went up on Whitburn village green in 1897 for the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s reign. Now the community wants to refurbish the ageing monument to its former glory in time for the Diamond Jubilee. […]Read More

Hydrating London for 2012

With London 2012 fast approaching, the capital has been working on upping its supply of drinking fountains to ensure the thirst of the vast number of spectators to the capital’s Games will be quenched. Back in 2009, the Mayor launched a scheme by Hydrachill, whereby water stations installed in areas such as Hammersmith bus station […]Read More
Haws drinking water fountain

Innovative drinking fountains from Haws

For over 103 years, Haws Corporation has been manufacturing award-winning drinking fountains for a diverse set of industries. Haws works with educational centres, recreational parks and commercial properties delivering top quality drinking fountains to its customers. Haws Corporation is represented in over 80 countries and has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Singapore, Switzerland and […]Read More

Sussex town installs public drinking water fountain

A West Sussex town has turned on a new outdoor drinking fountain as part of its campaign to persuade people to drink tap water rather than bottled water. The fountain has been installed on the quay in Arundel for everyone to use. Arundel Agenda 21, the community group behind the initiative, has also designed a reusable “collapsible […]Read More

Bath introduces new public water fountains

The first of ten new public drinking fountains will be installed in Bath next month. A business-backed community project has also persuaded Sir James Dyson to design a stainless steel drinking bottle for the city. Love Tap Water (LTW) has been launched by three local women in a move aimed at turning the tide against plastic […]Read More

Time for a public fountain revival

Nancy Stoner, the Acting Assistant Administrator for the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Water, recently spoke out about the disappearance of outdoor fountains in public places over the last several decades. She noted that when we lose fountains, we also lose “public knowledge about the importance of investing in drinking water systems, which provide dependable, affordable […]Read More

Public Drinking Water Fountains – New Zealand

Our intrepid reports have been enjoying a holiday in New Zealand and found a trulely stylish fountain in Queenstown. This fountain from a company called Street Furniture – – offers a unique style with the water drain integrated into the very design.Read More

Students upset over drinking water

Students at a school in America started a boycott over a cup of water.   There are now only two drinking fountains on offer for the students to get water from, leaving students worried that queues will be too long for everyone to have reasonable access to fresh drinking water whenever they need it. The only […]Read More

Find A Fountain

Find A Fountain is a charity developed by Aquatina Ltd and The Drinking Fountain Association which is dedicating itself to the fight against bottled water by mapping the location of public, outdoor drinking water fountains across the U.K. 150 billion plastic bottles get thrown away each year; Find A Fountain wants to reduce the environmental damage […]Read More
Drinking Water Fountain

UNB to replace 50 water fountains

Officials at The University of New Brunswick raised concerns about lead in water dispensed by drinking water fountains on campus. As a result, the university will replace about 50 water fountains. The university tested 550 taps and drinking water fountains on campus. Among those, about 90 fixtures had lead levels above the federal guideline for drinking water […]Read More

New York High Line Drinking Water Fountains

A great example of public drinking water fountains installed as part of a building project in New York city. The High Line is a public park built on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. It is owned by the City of New York, and maintained and operated by […]Read More

Recent Installation of Oasis VersaFillers Drinking Fountains

Drinking Water Fountains recently undertook  the replacement of some old fountains at the Warren Wood Primary School. The fountains selected by the School were the New Oasis Chilled VersaFillers . These ingenious fountains offer the standard water projector for drinking directly from the fountain as well as a push button filling station that allows for […]Read More

UNB to replace 50 Drinking water fountains

Officials at The University of New Brunswick recently raised concerns about lead in water dispensed by drinking water fountains on campus. As a result, the university will replace about 50 water fountains. The university tested 550 taps and drinking water fountains on campus. Among those, about 90 had lead levels above the Government guideline for drinking water […]Read More

WRAS approved drinking water fountains

Here at drinking water fountains we provide a range of fountains covered by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme or WRAS. These fountains are very versatile as listed by the options listed below * Available in Floorstanding or wall mounted * Finished in Stainless steel or powder coated * 25 or 50 litre options available * […]Read More

Jointhepipe builds new networks and Vitens have joined forces to provide clean water across the globe. is a non-profit organisation which aims to ensure fair distribution of drinking water worldwide, as well as to discourage the usage of bottled water. At Aquatech, a trade show for water technology in Amsterdam, and Vitens signed a Memorandum of […]Read More

Indoor drinking water fountains for School

Our slimline Junior floor standing fountains are perfect for use in Primary and Secondary School Environments. The direct chill technology reduces running costs and increases efficiency as they only chill the water used and contain no storage tank.This also means there is no bacteria build up within the fountain, keeping the water pure. Our slimline […]Read More

School drinking water fountains

As we all know a quality source of drinking water is vital in Schools. Here at drinking water fountains we strive to offer the largest range of quality water solutions in the UK. From our wall mounted UN-chilled fountains through to our massive 50 litre per hour floor-mounted chilled model we have the perfect solution […]Read More

Bubbler Cartridges

There are many bubbler cartridges available in the UK that are suitable across most drinking fountains. To ensure the long term usage of your fountain we encourage that the bubbler cartridges are changed annually. At Drinking water fountains use the Tomlinson Pro-Flo – the industry leading bubbler cartridges – and these are a stock items […]Read More

Drinking water fountain spare parts

Drinking water fountains offer spare parts for All makes and models of drinking water fountain including Oasis , Halsey Taylor, Elkay, Acorn Powell, Murdock and many others. You can call or email us with the model number and we can help you identify the part you need or you can email us a photograph and […]Read More

Tomlinson Industries Products

Drinking water fountains is now a distributor for the Tomlinson products. These products include the Pro-flo range of Bubbler valves and cartridges in addition to a huge range of glassbottle filling taps. Bubbler valves generally contain a cartridge that periodically fail causing the button to leak. Many people think that all bubbler cartridges are the […]Read More

Installation of outdoor drinking water fountains

Drinking water fountains has undertaken the installation of many outdoor drinking water fountains throughout the UK . From basic wall mounted models through to the mighty Halsey Taylor Bottle filling stations. Our team will look after your project from the planning stage through to completion. A member of our knowledgeable staff is always just a […]Read More

Filling water bottles in schools

When choosing a new drinking water fountain for their school many people require a method of filling up reusable sports bottles as well as the traditional bubbler valve. The most common solution to this problem is the black lever tap. This swan neck shaped device can be retrofitted to any fountain and dispenses when the […]Read More

The Tropism Well – Innovative New Drinking Fountain Design

While browsing through the news this week one story caught our eye and captured our imaginations – an article about the innovative new drinking fountain designed by Poietic Studio – which they call the Tropism Well. The design is certainly unlike any drinking fountain we have ever seen, and it makes use of the “natural laws […]Read More

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Drinking Water fountain

An unsanitary drinking fountain is not only an eyesore but can also spread germs to its visitors. This can be avoided by cleaning the fountain regularly. Routine cleaning is also essential to keep a drinking water fountain working properly. Lime and calcium build up can begin to block the water from coming through the bubbler […]Read More

outdoor fountains

Here at Drinking Water Fountains we are proud to offer the Halsey Taylor range of external drinking water fountains. These fountains offer a great amount of flexibility, ranging from small compact wall mounted basins through to mighty triple-arm bottle filling stations. All fountains are available in a variety of finishes so there is sure to […]Read More

Any RAL finish now available on our model 501 and 555

Drinking water fountains are now able to offer a range of colourful finishes on the 501 and 555 classic outdoor fountains. These are perfect for brightening up any playground and are available with either direct drink bubbler or with bottle filling attachment. Please give us a call on 0845 500 4455 for further information.Read More

Special Offer’s

This month we are offering The Oasis PLF14 at an amazing price of  £800 including delivery. This fountain is available finished in stainless steel or Sandstone powder-coat. delivering a massive 62 litres of chilled water per hour this cooler is ideal for environments where a high volume of chilled filtered water is required.Click here for […]Read More

Drinking water fountains in parks

Drinking water fountains are pleased to offer the Halsey Taylor range of external drinking water fountains.These are ideal for use in parks as they are very robust and in most cases vandal proof. There is a huge range of models available including models with bottle drinking stations,Disabled access fountains and even models with a pet […]Read More

The ideal school drinking fountains

Here at drinking water fountains we provide a huge variety of outdoor floor standing fountains. Some of these have been especially  One of our most popular school drinking fountains is the 555. This model stands at a height of 1 metre, is manufactured in stainless steel and is extremely hard wearing. The dispenser (also known […]Read More

Royal Parks fountain restoration

Tiffany and Co. Foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a $1.25 million gift to the Royal Parks Foundation (USA), a charity established to enable America to support the natural history and heritage of London’s Royal Parks. The programme, called Tiffany – Across the Water, focuses on ornamental and drinking fountains in the capital’s eight […]Read More

The invention of the modern drinking water fountain

      The modern drinking fountain was invented and then manufactured in the early 1900s by two men and the respective company each man founded: Halsey Willard Taylor and the Halsey Taylor Company; and Luther Haws and the Haws Sanitary Drinking Faucet Co. These two companies changed how water was served in public places. Halsey […]Read More

Halsey Taylor Hydro-Boost

Drinking Water fountains is proud to introduce the Hydro-boost bottle filling station to its range.This innovative fountain offers hygienic touch free operation with 30 second automatic shut off timer and a quick fill rate of 1.5 gallons per hour.The Hydro-boost is available in both chilled and un-chilled models and can be integrated with one of our […]Read More

Drinking Fountains in Department Stores

Thank God for drinking fountains in department stores! You may have not noticed them, but there will come the day when you will be so  thirsty from walking around the shelves, the racks, your eyes are even going to be dried out from all the colours, fabrics, shoes and so many others things. You will crave […]Read More

Spare Parts and Accessories

Here at Drinking Water Fountains we pride ourselves on our extensive range of spare parts and our massive knowledge database. Generally if it exists we can find it. We are suppliers of Halsey Taylor , Elkay, Oasis and Acorn Powell spares not to mention many others. We also stock a huge range of universal replacement […]Read More

Water Fountains From Oasis

We carry the full range of water drinking fountains from Oasis. If you have any idea about fountains, you have probably noticed that Oasis is the name on most of the commonplace fountains in various facilities. These fountains can be seen not only in the UK, but throughout Europe as well. You can check out […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains on Easter Day

This weekend was Easter and many people enjoyed the drinking water fountains in parks, where they threw big parties. Easter is one of the occasions during the year when families and friends get together and celebrate. Many people chose to organize the get together in a park. This truly is a great idea, because spring […]Read More

Replacing a drinking fountain bubbler Cartridge

Changing a drinking fountain bubbler cartridge is a fairly straight forward process. It is the part of a drinking water fountain that needs to be regularly (annually or bi-annually) and we can sell you the spare part and assist you with how to replace it Inside the bubbler is a solenoid type cartridge which can […]Read More

City Halls Encourage People to Drink from Drinking Fountains

How long has it been, since you felt the joy of having water from a drinking fountain when you are thirsty? You cannot even begin to describe the feeling whenever you find a water fountain in the park or in the hallway of a hospital or a concert hall especially when you are thirsty and […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains and Find a Rainbow Day

On the 3rd of April, many people have decided to use the Drinking Water Fountains in a fun game during the Find a Rainbow Day. Families gathered in parks and played with their kids a lot of fun games, all in the search of rainbows. There were activities like drawing pictures of rainbows, painting with […]Read More

Novus External Drinking Water Fountains

On our travels this week in Earlsfield, London we happened across a great organic market housed in a local primary school. We have seen Novus external drinking water fountains before through a supplier but had never seen one installed. Unfortunately they had been slightly neglected but they did bring a smile to our faces. The […]Read More

Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains – Chamonix

Another entry in the series of water fountains from around the world. This time from Chamonix, France. Two drinking water fountains in the village of Les Houches. For any more photos please email us on More

Make Music with our Drinking Water Fountains

Making music with your mates; what could be better than that? Jamming together, feeling the rhythm, showing off your musical skills…unless, of course, you’re melodically challenged, like so many of us. To those people we say, fear not, we have a great, easy solution for you, so that you can be included in all sorts […]Read More

Dubai Taxis get their Own Drinking Fountains

A new initiative running in the city of Dubai will see taxis getting their own versions of drinking fountains installed in their back seats, to provide much needed refreshment to passengers travelling in the scorching climate. Following a deal signed just a few weeks ago by the Dubai Taxi Corporation, the Roads and Transport Authority, […]Read More

Images of Old Drinking Water Fountains Site

Firstly images of the Drinking Water Fountains from yesterday before the changes Secondly images of the Drinking Water Fountains website from 2009Read More

Dud Drinking Water Fountains for State Workers

A recent report has revealed that the water being drunk by employees stationed at the Department of Transportation’s Ferries Division building in Seattle, being dispensed through the drinking water fountains, is not in fact suitable for ingestion and has not been for quite some time. State officials and maintenance crews discovered that at least nine […]Read More
the gardens of versailles had great drinking water fountains

A Short History of Drinking Water Fountains

One thing that we know well is just how lucky we are to have drinking water fountains available for our thirst-quenching pleasure, that whenever we’re in need of a drink, there will be something in close vicinity to relieve us. In honour of this, dear readers, we’re giving you a (very) condensed history of drinking […]Read More

Your Drinking Water Fountains Soundtrack

Let’s face it, music really does help make the world go round. It makes things seem just that little bit more interesting, brings us up when we’re feeling down, and can give us an excuse to jump around like loons, should we so wish. In light of thing, dear readers, this week, here at drinking […]Read More

Ryerson promises more Drinking Water Fountains

A Canadian University has made promises that it is not yet keeping, to begin reducing the amount of bottled water that is available on campus, replacing it instead with more drinking water fountains, at which students will be able to refresh and revive themselves. Ryerson University in Toronto pledged to spend the next three years […]Read More

Some Alternative Drinking Water Fountains

It’s common knowledge these days that having the trendiest, coolest, most efficient drinking water fountains in the office environment is of utmost importance, for many reasons. For most workers, the fountain is a place to relax, unwind, get refreshed, and, perhaps most importantly of all, catch up on what Dave and Doris from accounting have […]Read More
how about sparkling drinking water fountains

Sparkling Drinking Water Fountains

Here at Drinking Water Fountains, we feel that the majority of our clients, and indeed the thirsty population of the UK, are content with the fresh, clean spring water that our units provide. Not only are they there in offices, schools and homes whenever they want to drink, but many councils also have them available […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains: Somerset House

To round off our four-part blog series during which we’ve been looking at all sorts of lovely fountains, although mainly not the drinking water fountains sort, more the pretty sort, we’re bringing you one of the most relished water features in our lovely capital. Somerset House in central London boasts a super dry plaza fountain, […]Read More

Sparkling Drinking Water Fountain pioneered by Parisians

A sparkling drinking water fountain named with trademark french finesse La Pétillante (translation: ‘she who sparkles’) is now a permanent fixture in Paris at the prominent foot traffic location Jardin de Reuilly park in the east of the city. The innovative public water fountain is believed to be a world first in the public sector […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains: Axis Park

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been scouring the country (sort of), up, down, left, right- you name a place, we’ve looked there for the UK’s biggest, best, weirdest and wonderfullest drinking water fountains, so that you, dear reader, can take yourself straight to them to see them for real. We’ve got a corker […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains: Alnwick Garden

Following last week’s blog, in which we had a brief examination of the fountain in the courtyard at the Royal Academy of Art, we’ve been looking for more special drinking water fountains around the country that will bring you joy and pleasure simply by looking upon them. Alas, the whole drinking water fountains thing didn’t […]Read More

Perranporth Memorial Water Fountain

We recently helped a client who was in need of all the parts for a drinking water fountain so that they could have a stonemason craft their own casing for the parts, making a unique fountain. The Perranporth Golf Club came to us after one of the clubs long standing members had sadly passed away.  After […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains: The Royal Academy

If you, like us here at drinking water fountains, have found yourself out and about in our beautiful country and have marvelled at some of the wonderful and innovative drinking, and non drinking water fountains all over the place, you’re probably wondering why we haven’t written any blogs about them. For this, dear reader, we […]Read More

Drinking Water Fountains is on

Take a moment to check out our Drinking Water Fountains page on AboutUs is wiki based site and the page basically sums up our company and what we do. You can also find Drinking Water Fountains on TwitterRead More

Drinking Water Fountains make us Glee-ful

A new phenomenon has arrived. At first, it seemed like it would be relatively easy to control, that it would be possible that not EVERY singe person across Britain became addicted to/borderline obsessed with the aforementioned phenomenon….but this was not to be. Glee fever has well and truly hit, and there’s nothing we can do. […]Read More

Drinking fountains in Bratislava

After our boss Rob has come back from his holiday from Slovakia, he started to show pictures of the City. But as we are very interested to see pictures of the Bratislava, the only pictures Rob took were the pictures of different types of drinking fountain. They seem to be spread everywhere in the Old […]Read More
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