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Indoor Recessed Drinking Water Fountains

Recessed Drinking FountainWe offer a range of recessed drinking water fountains that are suited to high usage environments.

These models are often installed at sites during the kit-out stage for new buildings. They can however be retrofitted if required. Recessed drinking fountains are built into a wall and do not affect the area of the room they are fitted in. These units are plumbed into the water supply and waste water behind their exteriors.

Normally recessed fountains come with a bubbler for dispensing water which is operated using a push-button. We can source recessed fountains that are more specifically built for environments where water bottles need to be regularly filled.

Recessed fountains require little maintenance on an ongoing basis and are robust workhorses. They can incorporate water chilling facilities if needed and simply need access to the mains-fed and waste water supplies. Recessed fountains can also be fitted with a button operated swan-neck tap sited within the basin which is frequently used by customers looking to fill water bottles. Certain sports facilities also use recessed drinking fountains on the external side of buildings.

We stock a full range of accessories and spare parts for our fountain ranges and can also assist with installations within the M25 using our own technical staff. For any questions regarding our range of recessed drinking water fountains please either email or call us on 0845 500 4455.