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Wall Mounted Drinking Fountains

We stock a wide range of refrigerated wall-mounted drinking fountains which dispense chilled water to users as opposed to traditional wall mounted fountains that dispense room temperature water.

Wall mounted drinking fountains are ideal for use in schools and indoor locations where height is a factor as they can be installed at any level on the wall. They offer vandal-resistant features ideal for harsh environments.
They are a robust solution for providing drinking water in gyms, sports facilities, and larger offices. Excess water from wall mounted fountains can be easily plumbed into your waste water.


Certain models within our wall mounted drinking fountains range are designed especially to accommodate wheel-chair access which is an important consideration when installing fountains in public areas.

Many of these drinking fountains have a push-button on the front panel of the fountain which when pressed dispenses water through the bubbler. In some cases, these buttons are also located on both sides and the front of the drinking fountains. Most of our range can be fitted with a glass filler (swan neck tap) which allow customers to easily fill their water bottles.

Drinking Water Fountains offer a full installation service for wall mounted drinking fountains nationwide. For more information please contact us directly and we can advise you on the best option based on your specific requirements by either emailing or by calling us on 0845 500 4455.