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Indoor Wall Mounted Drinking Water Fountains

We offer a wide range of wall mounted drinking water fountains that are classically associated with sporting and leisure facilities. Our wall mounted drinking water fountains are an ideal, compact solution for easy access to clean drinking water.

Wall mounted drinking water fountains, as with most drinking fountains, are plumbed into the mains-fed water supply and drainage system. They are an ideal water solution for a number of environments and require little maintenance on a regular basis.

£275.00 (ex VAT)

Wall mounted fountains can be installed at different heights dependent on the environment. We are increasingly seeing these types of fountains fitted within primary school environments. Chilling units can be added behind the wall that the fountains is installed on. Wall mounted fountains can be installed internally and externally in buildings.

We additionally stock drinking fountains that offer disabled access. Wall mounted fountains are used by pressing either side buttons on the fountains which act as a tab for the bubbler on top or by using the push-button situated on top of the fountain. They can also be fitted with a button operated swan neck tap which is most frequently used by customers to fill water bottles.

Water filtration can be added by integrating a water filter inside the drinking fountain which should be changed on a six monthly basis to ensure the integrity of the fountain.
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