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Indoor Water Bottle Filling Stations

Water Bottle Filling StationsWe offer a range of bottle filling stations ideal for education, healthcare facilities, fitness clubs and the hospitality industry.

The electronic sensor within the drinking fountains provides touchless refills of water bottles for customers. Simply, place a water bottle in the clearly marked space within the fountain and the bottle filling station will automatically fill it with a programmed amount of water.
Water Bottle filling stations are manufactured by Elkay in the USA and are the latest innovation in their recessed drinking fountain range. These stations are of an exceptionally high quality and require minimal maintenance as customers do not need to touch the units to dispense drinking water.

Bottle filling stations provide convenient hydration points for schools looking to provide students with straight-forward ways to refill water bottles in a hygienic fashion.  These units also feature an LED display showing how many plastic water bottles have been saved from landfill by each specific refilling station.

Customers with specific requirements for water bottle filling stations should contact us by emailing or by calling 0845 500 4455. If required, we can send out specific documentation on the bottle filling stations and work with you on the exact specification that you are looking for.