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Outdoor bottle filling stations

Drinking Water Fountains stock a selection of outdoor bottle filling stations ideal for environmentally friendly facilities.

This modern and innovative drinking fountains are suitable for a variety of education, healthcare and fitness facilities in need of a clean drinking water for refilling empty bottles.

Bottle filling stations provide convenient hydration points for customers looking to refill water bottles in a straight-forward fashion. Simply place your water bottle in the designated space and press a button on the side of the fountain to fill the water bottle.

Bottle filling stations are extremely functional while giving off a strong environmental message to customers about the importance of reusing water bottles rather than adding plastic to landfills.

Some of our models come with a dynamic wall mounted drinking fountain to ensure that all hydration needs are met.
If customers have any further questions on our range of bottle filling stations, please do not hesitate contacting us on 0330 123 3309 or alternatively email us at