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External Drinking Water Fountains

We offer a wide variety of external water floor standing drinking  fountains ideal for a number of environments in need of clean drinking water.

Outdoor floor standing drinking fountains come in different shapes, sizes and finishes offering customers a perfect mixture of functionality and style. They are robust workhorses that can handle areas that demand high capacity drinking water.

The floor standing drinking fountain also known as a pedestal drinking fountain,  are commonplace in educational and sports facilities. These pedestal drinking fountains are also very popular in municipal parks where councils are looking to give access to drinking water in key footfall areas.

Floor standing fountains can be customized to different heights depending on its users. For primary schools where a one-metre tall drinking fountain will exclude a certain percentage of students. Often a suitable solution for an educational environment will be a combination of floor standing drinking fountains and wall mounted drinking fountains.

External drinking water fountains are often made from bronze, stainless steel or polymer aggregate in order to stand up to inclement weather conditions.

Our range of outdoor floor standing drinking water fountains also lend themselves to customization. The range of fountains on our website are stock items however we are able to customise both materials and styles to customer’s needs. Please contact us on 0330 123 3309 for more specific information.