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Outdoor Wall Mounted Drinking Fountains

We offer the UK’s largest selection of outdoor wall mounted drinking water fountains. These wall mounted units are ideal for educational and recreational environments where there is a high demand for a clean water supply.

A compact and hardworking drinking fountain, wall mounted units are simple to use with push-buttons located on the top of the bubbler and in some models on the side panels.

£275.00 (ex VAT)

Wall Mounted Drinking Fountains

Wall mounted drinking fountains are ideal for disabled access and can be installed at a variety of different heights dependent on the environment.

When considering a wall mounted drinking fountain it is essential to be mindful about access to the mains supply, water waste and potential electrical circuits before installation.

In addition to wall mounted fountains, we can also supply remote chilling units which can be attached to the fountains providing anything from five litres to 60 litres of chilled water per hour. Water filtration can also be added by integrating a water filter which will ensure the integrity on your machine.

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