Accessories & Spare Parts

Whilst the provision of drinking water fountains is the main area of our business, we also understand that our customers have ongoing needs. To this end we provide a wide range of maintenance, servicing and accessory options that will mean that your water fountain is looked after and maintained. From plastic cups through to bespoke plastic and glass containers – we offer a wide range of accessories essential to the day-to-day maintenance of water coolers. offer a range of ongoing support solutions from a regular servicing visits through to a complete fountain maintenance packages, we will support our customers from installation through the lifespan of their product.

Customers who choose to purchase water fountains from us can also purchase installation kits or use our installation package.  Once a fountain is installed customers often need a regular supply of plastic cups/cones and on a six monthly basis it is essential that water fountains are sanitised and water filters are changed.

For further details on our support solutions either call us on 0845 500 4455 or email