US Students Rally for more Water Fountains

A Brock University programming co-ordinator is doing all that she can to get more water fountains installed, or at least have some hydration stations on campus so students can fill up their water bottles instead of having to shell out $2.50 per bottle from the vending machine, or buy the alternative of sugary soft drinks to quench their thirsts.

Milica Njegovan discovering the noticeable absence of any water fountains in the plans for three new buildings underway at the University and after completing a sustainability study on campus where she started counting water fountains as she examined the importance of water only to find there were none.

Unless there’s a staff demand for them or there’s student demand for them, (facilities management) doesn’t even think about it,” Njegovan said.

Njegovan said that people used to see water fountains as unclean but now fountains are maintained regularly and people are trying to cut back on the amount of bottled water they buy for environmental and cost reasons so water fountains are the only way people can refill their stainless steel water bottles and keep their personal costs down.

It’s obviously really concerning. Slowly students are having no choice and access to water,” Njegovan said. believes everyone should have access to clean drinking water. If you would like to call us please feel free to do so on 0845 500 4455 or email with any questions you may have about this issue or anything else related to water fountains.

Drinking Water Fountains