Drinking Water Fountains pushed by Canadians


Pressures on local and central governments to provide adequate sources of drinking water for staff have often sparked much debate and led to detailed discussions on the pros and cons of bottled water.

This has recently been seen in Canada where a push by 50 municipalities in eight provinces has led to a ban on the sale of bottled water in many of their buildings. These municipal authorities have been encouraged by central government to replace small pack water with the installation of drinking water fountains. Despite widespread acceptance, the ban of small pack bottles has come across pockets of resistance.

Canadian municial authorities in Brockville, pushing to have bottled water replaced by drinking water fountains has suffered a set back in passing a “resolution that would encourage the city to promote municipal water and make it available in drinking fountains at public buildings where feasible.”

Click for details on the full drinking water fountain annoucement and details on the debate that this sparked.

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