Brita Water Fountain Filters

 brita-water-cooler-logoDrinking Water Fountains have noted a marked increase in the amount of customers who ask whether our fountains come with Brita filtration, and we hope that the information below will allow them to understand our position and decide on whether to take the Brita option over our other water filter options.

Brita’s Water Filtration Experience

Brita technology has been applied to many areas of the UK drinking water marketplace – and in 2008 they launched the Aquavend Cool filter to be used in conjunction with plumbed water coolers and fountains. This was the first consumer orientated brand to have looked at water cooler & fountain filtration and they have certainly had some success. Some leading water cooler companies  have incorporated them into their range – and after looking at the product we have also decided to offer customers this option. The filter specifications are shown below and it is up to customers to decide whether they want this filter fitted to their plumbed water fountain.

What is the Brita Water Filtration Product?

On the Brita website the product is described as – “With its special activated carbon filter media, the AquaVend Cool filter cartridge mounted at the inlet side of the machine guarantees safe elimination of all unpleasant odours and tastes and reliably retains particles > 0,5 μm. It offers perfect protection of the machine and ensures perfect water quality.” 

brita-water-cooler-filter-and-filter-headTechnical data for Brita AquaVend Coolbrita-water-cooler-filter

Dimensions complete system (W/D): 191/69 mm Installation Dimensions (W/D/H): 69mm x 69mm x215mm
Working water pressure capacity: 2 to 8 bar
Operating temperature: 4 – 30 °C
Operating position: horizontal and vertical”
Particle Filtration: > 0.5 micron
Capacity: 5000 litres or six months

What does this mean to our you?

For customers the most important parts of the product description above are that filter is a solid carbon block (cheaper carbon inline filters are not blocks), that it works to 8 bar of pressure and that it filters water down to the 0.5 micron level. The Brita water fountain filter also has a six month lifespan which is the standard water filter term in our industry.

The standard plumbed water filter we supply customers with is a Pentek water filter which is one of the higher spec’ed filters on the market. Our Pentek filter is also a solid carbon block, filters to the 1 micron level, and is tested up to 8 bar of pressure.

Customers can choose whichever filter they wish when they either rent or purchase a water fountain from us. If you have any other questions then call us on 0845 500 4455 and we will talk through filter options.

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