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kids-need-water-drinking-water-fountainsThe Children’s Food Campaign (CFC) launched on Friday its new initiative to encourage councils to increase the provision of drinking water in parks through the use of drinking water fountains.

As the school holidays start the Children’s Food Campaign have launched a national  campaign to improve drinking water provision in public parks.  After playing in warm summer weather, the lack of drinking fountains in many parks mean that thirsty children have no choice but to buy drinks that often contain more calories than their exercise has burned.

drinking-water-fountains-children-detailDrinking Water fountains were a key feature of the public parks established to help people live healthier lives in the 19th Century because clean water was not widely available. As that changed, fountains fell into disrepair or were removed altogether. The CFC wants local authorities to provide adequate drinking water in all UK parks to ensure that children have access to free drinking water.

But a spokeswoman for the Local Government Association, which represents more than 350 councils in England and Wales, rejected the CFC’s concerns – “Water fountains are provided in many places, but decisions have to be made about how they will be maintained, whether they offer value for money, and whether they will be safe from vandalism.”

Drinking Water Fountains has noticed a gradual increase in interest in outdoor drinking water fountains over the last five years from local councils. One such council has started an initial trial of a single public drinking water fountain and by Christmas 2009 the council is expected to make a decision on up to 50 more fountains across the city. This is the first major installation of fountains in this area in over 50 years. Such drinking water fountains tend to be custom made and have been involved in this custom development from design to installation.  The increase in interest in public drinking water fountains at a local authority  level has taken off within the last two years as they look to upgrade existing facilities or simply install in new areas.

However the majority of external drinking water fountains work we do in schools across the UK involves water fountains from our more basic range of outdoor water fountains. These suit most controlled external environments such as golf courses and schools – but there are distinctly different requirements (largely based around vandalism) for open area fountains.

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