Prevent Obesity with Drinking Water Fountains in Schools

A recent study conducted by the Journal of Paediatrics shows that it is possible to reduce children becoming overweight by introducing drinking water fountains throughout the school; handing out water bottles to the children in class and having teachers use lesson plans that included messages about healthy water consumption.

drinking water fountain girl The study was conducted on 32 elementary schools in socially deprived areas of two German cities. The average age of each child in the study was eight years old. The study separated the schools into two groups, an intervention group and a control group. In the intervention group schools drinking water fountains were installed and teachers presented lessons to the children to encourage water intake. The control group did not receive any water fountains or any lessons on healthy water consumption.

The results showed that the risk of children becoming overweight in the intervention group was reduced by 31% compared with the control group and water consumption increased by 1.1 glasses per day in the intervention group.

The conclusion of the study was, “Our environmental and educational, school-based intervention proved to be effective in the prevention of overweight among children in elementary school, even in a population from socially deprived areas.”

If having more drinking water fountains installed in schools can make this much of a difference to the prevention of obesity, it would make sense to encourage every school to have a sensible number of drinking water fountains installed and to monitor the number of current fountains to ensure there are enough for the number of children who attend the school. It is also important to ensure the current water fountains are maintained and replaced if faulty for health and safety reasons. It’s vital to ensure children are taught about how to stay healthy with regular water intake from an early age so they are equipped with the knowledge for the rest of their lives.

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