Drinking Water Fountains for the Office


It’s important to have a clean water supply in the office environment that is easily accessible to all staff members, not only to prevent dehydration, but to increase productivity amongst staff. Studies have shown people who drink more water and are well hydrated can perform at an optimal level throughout the day compared to those who do not drink much water. The standard amount of water recommended for adults is eight glasses per day. Although there’s no standard formula for determining this as everyone is different and it depends how much you weigh, how active you are and what climate you live in as to how much water is beneficial for you, however the general recommendation is eight glasses.

officesBeing dehydrated is not ideal in any situation, least of all at work where you need your energy and mind power. Being dehydrated can drain you of your energy, cause you to be tired and can lead to serious consequences so it’s important to keep hydrated and keep up your water intake at home and in the office.

 Having a drinking water fountain, or bottled water cooler, in walking distance to your desk will help you in many ways to keep hydrated. If you do not have easy access to a water fountain or cooler at work, let someone in your workplace know immediately so arrangements can be made for one to be installed.

wall mounted drinking water fountainIf you are thinking of installing a drinking water fountain in your office there are a number of different water fountains to consider. There’s floorstanding or wall mounted from a variety of different brands. Drinking Water Fountains is proud to stock both floorstanding and wall mountains fountains from trusted brands such as Elkay and the aesthetically pleasing Enki drinking water fountain available for rent or to purchase.

You can read more about our fountain ranges here, or call us on 0845 500 4455 and we will be happy to provide more information or a quote on rental or purchase.

Drinking Water Fountains