Drinking Water Fountains over Bottled Water Coolers

water cooler Having an adequate fresh water supply in your life is essential. Whether you are at home, work or at the gym, it’s important to be well hydrated and it’s important as a business owner to ensure your staff have easy access to fresh water. You might already have a water cooler installed but you might like to look at other options to see which way is best to go to save you money and provide the best water supply to you and your staff.

No matter which sector you are in whether it is construction, health, leisure, education or the public sector it’s important to have the right cooler or fountain for your work environment.

Things to consider include:

  • Whether you want a bottled water cooler or a drinking water fountain?
  • How many water coolers or fountains you might need?
  • Do you need to cater for children?
  • What sort of look do you want, sophisticated or simple?
  • Do you want to rent or buy?

water_fountainsvThere are differences between the bottled water coolersand the drinking water fountains, the main one being cost. A bottled water cooler will end up costing more over a 12 month period than an installed drinking water fountain. With a drinking water fountain there’s no sanitisation fee to pay, nor is there a fee to pay for water bottles or a water bottle deposit, just a monthly machine fee.

If you choose a drinking water fountain you will also benefit from no heavy lifting of water bottles, no storage problems, no paperwork, no delivery issues and best of all, you will never run out of water as you’ll have a constant supply of fresh water 365 days a year. If you decide to go with a water fountain from Drinking Water Fountains all rental prices include installation, full servicing and six monthly sanitisation and filter changes.

For more information on the range of fountains from Drinking Water Fountains please contact us on 0845 500 4455 or email us on contact@drinkingwaterfountains.co.uk.

Drinking Water Fountains