Importance of Increasing Drinking Water Supply in Third World Countries


Having a clean drinkable water supply is something every human on the planet should have access to. Water is essential to our survival and everyday life, without it our health would diminish significantly. However, many countries in the third world still do not have access to clean drinking water.

Fortunate nations such as the United Kingdom and the United States have trade associations who govern the safety of their country’s drinking water supply. Luckily for the developing countries, these associations sometimes delve into supporting and encouraging the developing countries with the progression of their drinking water supply.

drinkable water supplyLast year, the Drinking Fountain Association (DFA) donated money to a village in Zambia to assist in the education of hygiene and install a drinking water well, and provide sanitisation equipment. The village never had access to a drinking water well prior to this, in the past the children would have to walk for more than two hours to collect water from a small unclean waterway. Zambia was chosen as it was rated 165th out of 177 countries in the Human Development Index. The lack of access to clean water and sanitation, coupled with disease has left more than half of Zambian children with severe illnesses and malnutrition. After the donation from the DFA children can now bathe safely and regularly in clean water as well as grow nutritious crops with the clean water from the well.

It’s important to remember there are people in the world who need help from more fortunate countries, especially in the area of clean water supply. Drinking Water Fountains is aware of the help that is required and will be working on a plan to support developing nations in the near future.

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