Drinking Water Fountains in The Times

the-times-drinking-water-fountains-24092009DrinkingWaterFountains.co.uk were pleased to be asked to comment by The Times regarding the recent installation of a public drinking water fountain in Hyde Park.

The article is shown to the right and is available to be downloaded from our website by clicking on the link –   the-times-drinking-water-fountains-24092009. The Times article was commenting on the unveiling of the 1.2metre public drinking water fountain which is the first to be built in the park for thirty years.

Covering not only the history of public drinking water fountains in London, the article looks to the future of the drinking water fountain in London and the etiquette when drinking from such facilities.

The etiquette section of the article ends with the comment “Clamping one’s mouth around the nozzle is prohibited” – words that have rung true since the first installation of a public drinking water fountains in London in the middle of the 19th century.

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