Drinking fountain seen wandering around Kings Cross…

drinking fountains in south africa

Our good friend Ollie was recently seen dressing up as a drinking fountain and wandering around Kings Cross station, shamelessly bearing all in a silver spandex suit and asking for kindly commuters to put a few pennies in his bucket to help raise money for a volunteer trip to South Africa. Once in South Africa, Ollie will be involved with helping build houses and much needed pumps, so that the village in which he will be posted can access clean water supplies. He says of the experience: “We take for granted the fact that we, our friends and our children have clean water on tap, excuse the pun, that we have coolers in our offices and drinking fountains in our playgrounds. I want to do something useful and make a difference to communities who may not have the resources to make the change for themselves. The spandex suit I just enjoy wearing from time to time. Would you like to try a sip from my pump?”. No, we’re fine, thanks Ollie. We’ll leave that sort of thing to the communities you’ll be visiting.
Ollie was joined by a giant water bottle, several muscley men in high-vis jackets, and a complete tool set. The London rush hour crowd dug deep, and the boys’ fundraising efforts were not in vain. We will let you know how they get on!

Drinking Water Fountains