The Importance of School Drinking Fountains

Kid_Drinking_WaterEducation is one of the most important things in life and every parent strives to ensure their child is given the best education available. Schools around the country welcome children in each year to teach them reading, writing and arithmetic, but these days children need to be taught more about life skills and what’s ahead of them when they finish school.

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle is one of the key topics in schools at the moment, with childhood obesity on the rise, it’s never been more important to teach children about health and eating well. Teaching kids about the health benefits of water can be easily done especially with the dominance of school drinking fountains around the classrooms and halls.

Having water fountains and encouraging children to drink from them instead of having sugary drinks will help decrease obesity levels and increase awareness of healthy living. It’s also vital to teach children about dehydration and the effects it can have such as headaches, drowsiness and even loss of conscienceness.

Teaching them to drink out of the school drinking fountains regularly and often will help keep them hydrated, hydrated and happy. It’s also vital to ensure all the water fountains at the school are maintained to avoid bacteria contamination. The fountains will need to be sanitised regularly to keep them clean.

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