Making cities healthier with outdoor drinking fountains

hyde_parkWith obesity and heart disease on the rise, it’s important we start taking care of ourselves and the city we live in to ensure the future of the next generation. We can all do simple things to improve our lifestyles and make them more lustrious and healthy, things such as walking or riding a bike to the shops instead of driving, taking the kids down to the park instead of putting on a DVD for them to watch and reducing the amount of fat we eat by simply altering home recipes.

It’s also up to our city councils to ensure there are enough parks and bikeways in our towns, all parks need to have outdoor drinking fountains for people and animals to use as well as play areas for children and fenced off areas for dogs so they can be let off their leashes and free to roam around. With adequate parks and outdoor areas, people will be more inclined to use them which will in turn benefit their health and the health of a city.   

By having outdoor drinking fountains in parks and other outdoor spaces, it encourages people to be more health consience as may in fact aid in weight loss. This is due to the fact that people may choose to drink the water out of the fountain over going to a vending machine for a softdrink hence helping them in the fight against obesity. 

For further information on drinking water fountains or to speak to someone about having a water fountain installed please contact us on or 0845 500 4455.

Drinking Water Fountains