Different environments require different fountains

officeIf you are in charge of renting or purchasing a drinking water fountain you will know there are lots of things to consider first. The top priority is establishing the environment in which the fountain will be used. If it will be used in a school there are different requirements that need to be met as opposed to say, if the fountain was going to be used in an outdoor play area or an office environment. playarea

School drinking fountains need to be a suitable height for the children to reach, they also need have an easy access button for them to push to get the water out of the fountain. The fountain would also need to be a robust make as it will no doubt get a beating from all those kids.

If you were looking for an office water fountain you would probably go for a taller model with an element of sophistication about it, especially if it’s the water fountain you want in your reception area.

Then if you were looking for an outdoor drinking water fountain you could probably go for a concrete model, something that could withstand the elements of the outdoors. It would need to be robust as well and probably of a height that would be easy for children to reach as well as adults. Whatever your situation DrinkingWaterFountains.co.uk has got the right water fountain for you.

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