Outdoor drinking fountains a hit with celebs

mansionPeople all over the world are realising the health benefits of drinking water fountains, not only for their worklife but also their home life. Water coolers are installed in housed all across the United Kingdom every day and now we are seeing an increase in the amount of outdoor drinking fountains being installed in parks, outdoor sports courts and even in celebrity homes and gardens.

Apparently celebs can’t get enough water when they’re sunning themselves by the pool, some have said they have outdoor drinking fountains in their garden areas so the groundsmen can keep themselves hydrated easily enough throughout the day. What a kind bunch they are!

It makes perfect sense to have an outdoor drinking water  fountain in the pool area, everyone should jump on that band wagon. Imagine how dehydrated you get while you’re outside in the sun for all that time. Just because you’re swimming in water doesn’t mean you’re going to be adequately hydrated. If you install an outdoor drinking water fountain for your pool area you can certain you will always be hydrated and it will also reduce the risk of getting heatstroke.

If you have a lot of groundsmen working on your estate or garden area, it’s also well worth the money to invest in an outdoor drinking water fountain for that area as well as it will increase productivity as well as hydration levels in your staff. So take a leaf out of the celebs book and install one today!

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