Children need outdoor drinking water fountains

The Children’s Food Campaign (CFC) are urging local authorities to provide adequate drinking water in all UK parks to ensure children have access to free drinking water. They argue that due to the lack of outdoor drinking fountains in parks, “children often have to go thirsty or visit ice cream vans, shops or take-aways where there may be few healthy options available and lots of tempting but unhealthy drinks and snacks on offer”.

But a spokeswoman for the Local Government Association, which represents more than 350 councils in England and Wales, rejected the CFC’s concerns saying water fountains are provided in many places and decisions have to be made about how they will be maintained, whether they offer value for money and whether they will be safe from vandalism.

However the CFC is adamant that placing more drinking water fountains in public areas and parks will see a decrease in childhood obesity and even tooth decay as children will have access to water and won’t have to resort to buying fizz drinks. has been saying this for years, so we are of course advocating the views of the CFC and would highly encourage all local authorities to look into installing more outdoor drinking water fountains into parks and public areas to provide free drinking water for everyone.

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