Installing drinking fountains

If you work in a school, office or public premise you should and most probably do, have access to clean drinking water at all times. Most of the time your water supply will just be from your kitchen taps though which can be a pain as it’s not always the right temperature and probably still has small amounts of chlorie and other nasties that haven’t been filtered out.

This is why you should ensure your place of work installs drinking fountains. Drinking fountains can provide all workers with clean, cool,  purified drinking water at the touch of a button. If you don’t already have drinking fountains, you should find out from your place of work who is in charge of ordering such items.

If you want to take the task on of finding a water fountain company that will come and install the fountains, you can put your mind at ease knowing that will take care of everything for you from installation to maintanence to filter changes. It’s a one stop shop for all your drinking fountain needs.

We also offer a free trial if you’d like to get to know how our fountains work and to see how they can fit in with your work environment. Available to rent or purchase, we offer a variety of different fountains to best suit your needs. Floor standing and wall mounted, indoor and outdoor, you can be sure to find the right fountain for you at the right price.

Please call us today on 0845 500 4455 for further information or for your free trial.

Drinking Water Fountains