Concrete Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains

A Concrete Outdoor Drinking Water Fountain

A Concrete Outdoor Drinking Water Fountain

Concrete water fountains are getting increasingly popular for both indoor and outdoor locations. They provide a filtered, clean and cold drink of water for everyone. Drinking water fountains are generally used at pools, schools, campuses, parks, patios, campsites, sports arenas, tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields, indoor and outdoor malls, offices, theaters and public gardens.

When looking for a drinking fountain to place in an outdoor public area you should certainly be looking at a concrete outdoor drinking fountain. Quality concrete outdoor drinking fountains offer maximum strength and durability with minimum maintenance. They are vandal resistant and they have attractive earth-tone colors that will blend well with other site amenities such as picnic tables and swing sets. They have the ability to blend beautifully in outdoor environments.

In addition, they are completely lead-free and the internal parts, such as the brass bubblers, are corrosion free. The flow regulators are easy to adjust so that the water stream stays in the bowl. Concrete water fountains are also easily accessible for the handicapped and for children which is why they are great for use in public parks. There is plenty of knee clearance for people in wheelchairs and an easy front push button on the front of the fountain.

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