Drinking Water Fountains in Bristol Initiative

Drinking Water Fountains in BristolIt was with interest that we saw an article on the BBC website today regarding a newly launched initiative looking at restoring the drinking water fountains in Bristol.

We hope that you find it of interest. We offer a full service offering refurbishment of existing drinking water fountains and will be contacting the Bristol council regarding the e-petition that has been launched to kick start the campaign.

Quoting directly from the e-petition –

“A commitment to public drinking fountains was framed in The Public Health Act of 1925. S14 allows for “the local authority and any person with their consent and subject to such conditions as they may impose may, in proper and convenient situations in any street or public place, erect and maintain seats and drinking fountains for the use of the public and troughs for watering horses or cattle”.

Unfortunately, many of Bristol’s fountains are now in a state of disrepair. The campaign group Turn Me On wants to bring back public drinking fountains in the city.

This petition calls on Bristol City Council to:

(a) Recognise the benefits of public drinking fountains as the cheap, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe alternative to bottled water and soft drinks
(b) Give its backing to the Turn Me On campaign and welcome the efforts of local people and community groups to bring back public drinking fountains in Bristol
(c) Commit to work with local community groups, water companies and other stakeholders to erect and maintain drinking fountains in proper working order across the city to provide access to clean, safe public drinking water
(d) Be amongst the leading local authorities in the country on this issue by ensuring that the 3 busiest public areas in Bristol have a public drinking fountain; new and existing fountains are properly signposted; and there is a programme in place to turn existing fountains back on and that all fountains should be properly maintained”

Drinking Water Fountains