Princes Gate goes perfectly with a school drinking water fountain

We are all aware of the essential nature of drinking water fountains in schools; not only do children and young adults need water on tap (ho ho) to help them concentrate and perform well in the classroom, the health benefits or keeping hydrated are numerous; an elevated and active immune system to help keep pesky colds and other viruses at bay, healthier skin and higher energy levels. Of course, drinking water fountains around the school site are an excellent way to provide this for students, but how about bottled water being available in the school canteen to carry around in a satchel or backpack, to be able to sip on during lessons? Our sister company, The Water Delivery Company, can provide these for you; our delicious water, supplied by Princes Gate from the hills of Pembrokeshire, comes in various sizes of glass and plastic bottles, in still and sparkling, to suit every taste.
If you have any question about our products, or how we might be able to help supply your school or a school you are affiliated with, with a drinking water fountain or indeed small pack water, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Drinking Water Fountains