Thai new year brings watery Chaos

We do not usually condone wasting water, particularly as we believe so strongly in providing enough drinking water fountains for children at school and at home and for employees in the office, and that water itself is a precious resource. However, we also feel that water can be a lot of fun, particularly when used as part of a celebration, which is why we new fans of Thai New Year, or Songkran as the holiday is known to the locals during which gallons of water are thrown, squirted and poured throughout the five day festival. Falling in the middle of April, although the dates vary from year to year depending on the lunar calendar, Thai locals gather in huge crowds to partake in the water fight; if you’re thinking that you’ll be able to avoid it if you find yourself in Thailand, think again. Not only are you guaranteed to get soaked, which provides much-needed relief from the spring heat, but also covered in clay, as people shout well-wishings at you from afar.
If you have any questions about our products, or would like to share any stories or pictures you have from a time you may have experience Songkran, or indeed any other water-related festival, please do get in touch. We always love to hear your stories!

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