Boston students are without drinking water fountains

Following a massive bust water pipe on Saturday 1st May, thousands of Boston school children are returning to class as normal, but with signs posted all over the drinking water fountains and taps in the bathrooms, amidst fears that the water supply remains to be contaminated and not fit for consumption. Schools have sprung into action though, and are well-stocked with bottled drinking water for students, and school lunches are being strictly limited to foodstuffs that can be prepared without the use of water.
It seems younger students are the ones getting by the best, with University undergraduates suffering the most. Among the problems they’re encountering is that of spending precious money on bottled water, particularly as funds are low for many. Another is that coffee shops are unable to sell hot drinks, due to the contaminated water, leaving several final year students without a daily caffeine kick before an important exam. Of course, amongst all the trouble and inconvenience, there are important lessons to be learned in the value of water that comes straight from a tap or drinking water fountain whenever we so desire. Several people have vowed to conserve water whenever possible, such as let letting the tap run when brushing their teeth, or taking showers instead of baths.

Drinking Water Fountains