Fairytales with drinking water fountains- part 2

Following the unprecedented success of last week’s fairy tale taster, we’re letting ourselves be inspired by our drinking water fountains once again, and are bringing you, faithful reader, a reminder, or maybe a first introduction, to one of the most magical and wonderful watery fairytales ever written for children.
The Water Babies, written by Charles Kingsley, began as a series of short stories for Macmillan’s Magazine, the popularity of which encouraged Kingsley to publish the full-length novel in 1863. The story follows a young chimney sweep called Tom, who falls into a river, tragically dies, but magically turns into a water baby, and begins a journey of moral discovery, during which he meets various characters such as the infamous fairy, Ms. Doasyoouwouldbedoneby. Tom learns that by doing things which he may not like, being only very young, but are the right thing to do, he will be able to return to land and live the rest of his life as he did before.
Of course, we don’t want to spoil the story for those who don’t know the whole thing, so we’ll leave our synopsis at that. If you’ve enjoyed The Water Babies, or have any other watery fairy tales that you’re particularly keen on and would like to spread their fame, please get in touch or leave a message at the bottom of our blog.
Drinking Water Fountains