Launch of a Drinking Water Fountains Campaign

We English love a good old bit of campaigning; standing up for what we believe in and making sure the people with the power hear us doing so. We particularly love making a noise about our health, more so if it concerns our children and other young people across the country. Since the release of the shocking report that drinking water fountains in public parks are falling into disrepair, and have been for some time, there has been a lot going on…
The writers at My Real England, a blog site created in celebration of everything from/about our glorious country, have joined forces with the Join the Refill campaign, to help get better drinking units in public places, so that we can have access to clean drinking water when we need it- a basic human right, many would argue. The two forces combined promote events and petitions, trying to persuade our government to follow the example of others and build thousands of drinking water fountains, all over the country, for public convenience. In one very special town, Carmel, California, even pooches are truly pampered, with their very own doggy-shaped fountain in the town centre.
So if you’re passionate about giving your family clean, delicious water on tap (hoho), please get in touch and one of our team will be on hand to talk you through our products and service, and find out how we can help you most efficiently. We look forward to hearing from you!
Drinking Water Fountains