St James’ Park gets new Drinking Water Fountains

Following worrying findings that drinking water fountains across the UK’s parks have been falling into disrepair, and thus are unfit for the public to drink from, Authorities have decided to spend some time deciding which fountains standing on land owned by the Royal Parks Foundation, are to be renovated and thus become more appealing to the people of Britain once again. A report in the Telegraph has also stated that the worldwide company, Tiffany & Co., usually more well-known for their production of ornate and expensive jewellery, have donated a staggering £850, 000, for the repair and renovation of the fountain in the middle of St James’ Park lake, which the Royal Parks Foundation have said, one finished, will help wildlife by aerating the water, bringing more oxygen into it, thus encouraging breeding and flourishing of new species.
The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, also added his comment, saying that the donation from Tiffany was invaluable, and helping to bring back the drinking water fountains that so many members of the public enjoyed and appreciated in the past, whilst visiting the Royal Parks.
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Drinking Water Fountains