Drinking fountains in Bratislava

After our boss Rob has come back from his holiday from Slovakia, he started to show pictures of the City. But as we are very interested to see pictures of the Bratislava, the only pictures Rob took were the pictures of different types of drinking fountain. They seem to be spread everywhere in the Old City, with cold, fresh water. They are used a lot and as the temperature has risen to 36 degrees everyone was keen to refresh himself in these.
There were different types of fountains too, some were really old good looking and ornamental, which attracted tourists, that took pictures of them and filled their water bottles. But not all of them were like this. Most of them were there just for single purpose only- to provide refreshing water for parched passerby. These are normally new-looking, with modern design. They don’t draw tourists for their beauty, but for their refreshing bounty.

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Drinking Water Fountains