Drinking Water Fountains make us Glee-ful

A new phenomenon has arrived. At first, it seemed like it would be relatively easy to control, that it would be possible that not EVERY singe person across Britain became addicted to/borderline obsessed with the aforementioned phenomenon….but this was not to be. Glee fever has well and truly hit, and there’s nothing we can do. So if you’re at a loose end of a night, and want something to get you riled up and wanting to sing your heart out into your hairbrush and dance around the house, look no further than 4oD. You’ll notice that the cast themselves tirelessly run around, leap about and generally have a good old time; but where, we hear you cry, do they get all that energy from? Simple, say we. Drinking water fountains. By dousing themselves/drinking plenty, they keep their energy levels and spirits high, thus allowing them to deliver a spectacular performance.
If you’d like to help yourself along to the way to becoming a triple-threat (that’s singer, dancer, actor to those not in ‘the know’) extraordinaire, then get in touch with us and let us help you get your mits on one of our drinking water fountains. Happy performing, dah-lings.
Drinking Water Fountains