Drinking Water Fountains: Alnwick Garden

Following last week’s blog, in which we had a brief examination of the fountain in the courtyard at the Royal Academy of Art, we’ve been looking for more special drinking water fountains around the country that will bring you joy and pleasure simply by looking upon them. Alas, the whole drinking water fountains thing didn’t really work for us this week either, but we found out all about the Alnwick Garden fountain, in the heart of Northumberland, some of which fascinating info we’d like to share with you. This fountain is stunning and unique, as its nozzles (all plated with a chrome finish, incidentally, to make them look extra pretty) create a dramatic cascade for visitors to marvel at, as the jets spurt beautifully into the pool below. Poetry in motion, as created by Jacques & Peter Wirtz. Unlike some of the other drinking water fountains in Britain’s parks, we wouldn’t recommend ingesting anything from this one, even though the water is specially conditioned.
If you’ve had a life-affirming experience of drinking water fountains or other watery features, and would like to share it with us and our readers, please do get in touch or leave a comment at the bottom of our blog.
Drinking Water Fountains