Drinking Water Fountains: Axis Park

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been scouring the country (sort of), up, down, left, right- you name a place, we’ve looked there for the UK’s biggest, best, weirdest and wonderfullest drinking water fountains, so that you, dear reader, can take yourself straight to them to see them for real. We’ve got a corker for you this week, with the fountain in Axis Park, situated in Berkshire; Slough to be precise. Although you shouldn’t drink from this one, it’s a sight to behold; not only are there two jets which spurt water in beautiful arcs in the middle of the fountain, but the huge stainless steel sculpture of a sundial in the centre. Furthermore, this artistic piece also has six more vertical jets, which are illuminated after dark, giving the whole thing a wonderfully atmospheric and magical feeling- it seems that the architects at Macgregor Smith have excelled themselves here. Even though it seems good enough to drink/swim in, this artistic treat in Slough is only to be observed and admired from a safe distance.
If you have found another lovely water feature in Britain, or any drinking water fountains that you think we should be writing about, please do get in touch and our next installment may well feature one of your ideas!
Drinking Water Fountains