Sparkling Drinking Water Fountain pioneered by Parisians

sparkling-drinking-water-fountainA sparkling drinking water fountain named with trademark french finesse La Pétillante (translation: ‘she who sparkles’) is now a permanent fixture in Paris at the prominent foot traffic location Jardin de Reuilly park in the east of the city. The innovative public water fountain is believed to be a world first in the public sector and was installed by publicly-owned water company Eau de Paris. It starts quenching thirsty Parisians from Tuesday.

This exciting new sparkling water fountain is plumbed into the city water supply and has an integrated cooling unit giving drinkers a choice of chilled or regular temperature water. Water is carbonated by a mechanism that dissolves carbon dioxide into the water resulting in chilled and sparkling water. Drinkers that prefer the still variety of water have the option to bypass the sparkling process ensuring that this ingenious fountain fulfills everyone’s water needs.

On average the French consume about 128 Litres of water per person which also generates over 262’000 tonnes of plastic waste so it makes sense that they are pioneering the drinking water fountain revolution. Minimizing the need for disposable plastic bottles can only be a good thing and free chilled (sparkling or still) water in popular parks and social hubs is a step in the right direction.

Drinking Water follows drinking water innovation with a passion and we are always interested in eco-conscious options that reach the masses. We will track the progress and hope the uptake for this fountain spurs other cities to follow suit by providing freely accessible high quality chilled and filtered water.

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Onward with the drinking water fountain revolution!

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