Drinking Water Fountains: Somerset House

To round off our four-part blog series during which we’ve been looking at all sorts of lovely fountains, although mainly not the drinking water fountains sort, more the pretty sort, we’re bringing you one of the most relished water features in our lovely capital. Somerset House in central London boasts a super dry plaza fountain, which becomes a fountain (which then cunningly disappears at regular intervals) thanks to the fifty-five vertical nozzles that are part of the construction of the fountain. Every year, thousands of visitors of all ages are completely delighted by running through the vertical jets of water, which are treated to keep it safe for the public to enjoy. Another Dickson Jones creation, each nozzle sits it its own little reservoir, to help conserve the water it uses and keep it more environmentally friendly; the lighting of the fountain at night is done by fibre optic illumination (all very technical- go and see for yourself the beautiful effect it has).

If you’d like to find out about any of the drinking water fountains we supply, to help you create something as wonderful as the Somerset House fountain in your own home or place of work (maybe), please do get in touch and one of our team will be on hand to help.

Drinking Water Fountains