how about sparkling drinking water fountains

Sparkling Drinking Water Fountains

how about sparkling drinking water fountainsHere at Drinking Water Fountains, we feel that the majority of our clients, and indeed the thirsty population of the UK, are content with the fresh, clean spring water that our units provide.

Not only are they there in offices, schools and homes whenever they want to drink, but many councils also have them available in parks across the country. Of course, some just feel that that have to do one better than everyone else, which is apparently what has occurred in France. A new fountain installed in Paris, aptly named La Pétillante (which means ‘she who sparkles’) is the first to inject carbon dioxide into the water before it is jetted out, at the convenience of the drinking public.

Part of the reasoning behind this trial scheme, which, if successful may see many more similar drinking water fountains installed across the city, is to try and get Parisians to drink less bottled water. Many locals said they would be more tempted by tap water if it were sparkling, and this scheme will hopefully help reduce the amount of plastic thrown away in the French capital each year.
What are your thoughts on these sparkling drinking water fountains? Whatever your stance, we always love to hear your opinions!

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