Ryerson promises more Drinking Water Fountains

Ryerson will be getting lots more drinking water fountainsA Canadian University has made promises that it is not yet keeping, to begin reducing the amount of bottled water that is available on campus, replacing it instead with more drinking water fountains, at which students will be able to refresh and revive themselves. Ryerson University in Toronto pledged to spend the next three years gradually phasing out its use of non-recyclable plastics, and stated that by 2013, most of the water supply would come from vending machines that dispensed reusable bottles, as well as new drinking water fountains. So far, canteens have removed plastic bottles from their shelves, but no very few alternatives have been provided for students to stay hydrated. Andrew McAllister, the board of governor’s sustainability commissioner, has stated that the aim is to get fountains installed on every floor of the University building by the end of the year, hopefully reducing the number of complaints from students that there are simply not enough units on site.
If you’re looking for a way to keep your students, or indeed family or work colleagues, hydrated, and to reduce the amount of plastic that you may be using with bottled water, why not get in touch, and see what one of our drinking water fountains can do for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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