Your Drinking Water Fountains Soundtrack

music from les mis is perfect for our drinking water fountainsLet’s face it, music really does help make the world go round. It makes things seem just that little bit more interesting, brings us up when we’re feeling down, and can give us an excuse to jump around like loons, should we so wish. In light of thing, dear readers, this week, here at drinking water fountains, we’re sharing our ultimate soundtrack with you- songs that go perfectly with the moment you sit down with a delicious, cool glass of water, Ahhh.

Waterfalls (TLC)- Hopefully waterfalls will not be coming from any of our drinking water fountains (as they are serviced by our engineers pronto, should anything go awry), however we like that it’s about our fave liquid.

Drink With Me (From Les Misérables)- Everyone loves a musical (apart from Jonny in the office, he prefers Iron Maiden), and this song, if sung by the person at the fountain, is a perfect invite for others to join them in a therapeutic and refreshing activity.

You’re Not Drinking Enough (Don Henley)- even though we’re not quite sure that this song was originally about indulging in a little watery beverage, it may ring true to many who are not getting their recommended eight glasses (of water) a day. Might be time for one of our drinking water fountains.

If you’d like to many any other song suggestions that we could share on our site, please do let us know, and your choice may well appear in another of our blogs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Drinking Water Fountains