the gardens of versailles had great drinking water fountains

A Short History of Drinking Water Fountains

One thing that we know well is just how lucky we are to have drinking water fountains available for our thirst-quenching pleasure, that whenever we’re in need of a drink, there will be something in close vicinity to relieve us. In honour of this, dear readers, we’re giving you a (very) condensed history of drinking water fountains in this week’s blog, just to give everyone a hand at realising just how far we’ve come in this field…we hope you enjoy.

  • Fountaihistory of drinking water fountainsns were originally designed to be purely for functional; for bathing and drinking water. It was the Romans that initiated pretty designs and water features for decorative purposes.
  • The peaks of the career of the decorative drinking water fountain were during the Italian Renaissance, Moorish Spain, and the designs that could be seen in the Gardens of Versailles in the Seventeenth Century.
  • Something that makes today’s fountains so fantastic is the fact that they can come in so many different shapes and sizes; that they can be overflowing basins, sheets of water flowing over concrete or stone, or even a delicate spurt from an ornamental figure. There really is something to suit all tastes, just like our own range.

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Drinking Water Fountains