Dud Drinking Water Fountains for State Workers

WSF employees had bad drinking water fountainsA recent report has revealed that the water being drunk by employees stationed at the Department of Transportation’s Ferries Division building in Seattle, being dispensed through the drinking water fountains, is not in fact suitable for ingestion and has not been for quite some time.
State officials and maintenance crews discovered that at least nine of the twenty-two machines were not installed properly, back when Emerald City Water visited the site in 2005. The units were incorrectly connected to the building’s air conditioning, heating and ventilating systems. Naturally, employees of the company had various things to say about the findings, commenting that they felt “Let down”, and that the findings were “Awful…a complete violation of trust”. An expert toxicologist will be on hand for concerned workers, to answer their questions about the chlorine-smelling water that they had been drinking. As for the people up high, Washington State Ferries‘ deputy chief of finance and administration, Jean Baker, has said that the company will be fighting for compensation from those responsible for the shoddy job of connecting the drinking stations.
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