Dubai Taxis get their Own Drinking Fountains

Dubai taxis will have their own drinking water fountainsA new initiative running in the city of Dubai will see taxis getting their own versions of drinking fountains installed in their back seats, to provide much needed refreshment to passengers travelling in the scorching climate.

Following a deal signed just a few weeks ago by the Dubai Taxi Corporation, the Roads and Transport Authority, along with Al Ain Mineral Water, mini water coolers will be installed in 350 cabs which are operating on the stretch between the international airport and the main city, for a three month trial. Depending on the success of this, during which passengers will be charged for any water they consume, along with the cost of the metre bill, at the end of the journey, almost all of the taxi vehicles may have coolers installed in the very near future.
The idea behind the scheme is to generate extra revenue for taxi drivers, as well as making the passenger’s journey just that little bit more comfortable.
If you’d you’ve been lucky enough to experience these modern Dubai taxis, or would like to share with us any funky ideas that you’ve had for getting our drinking water fountains in unusual places, please do get in touch- we always love to hear your stories!

Drinking Water Fountains