Drinking Water Fountains and Find a Rainbow Day

On the 3rd of April, many people have decided to use the Drinking Water Fountains in a fun game during the Find a Rainbow Day.

Families gathered in parks and played with their kids a lot of fun games, all in the search of rainbows. There were activities like drawing pictures of rainbows, painting with their hands, drawing rainbows on mugs, drawing them with crayons on the asphalt. They sang songs about rainbows and had a great time. But a few of the games were in fact called find-the-rainbow and kids gathered around the water fountains and tried to see the little rainbows that form there whenever the sun hits the running water. This was a spectacular activity indeed and a few lucky ones saw rainbows in the sky that day.

The water fountains though were among the most crowded places in the park and for a good reason. Kids not only used them for their rainbow search, but also had great, fresh water all day long. Parents were delighted that their young ones had enough water to drink, after being exhausted from playing. Water fountains turned out to be great and people really appreciated them. They really make a difference especially if there aren’t any vending machines offering water nearby.

If you are interested in drinking water fountains and have a garden of your own, or you would like to invest in a fountain for your neighbourhood, give us a call and we will give you all the information you need.

Drinking Water Fountains