City Halls Encourage People to Drink from Drinking Fountains

How long has it been, since you felt the joy of having water from a drinking fountain when you are thirsty? You cannot even begin to describe the feeling whenever you find a water fountain in the park or in the hallway of a hospital or a concert hall especially when you are thirsty and there is no vending machine around. Remember how the parks were much more cleaner and the site of an empty water bottle on the ground was scarce? This is the reason some city halls started encouraging people to drink water from the water fountains instead of buying and throwing away tons of plastic. The city halls believe that it will be much better if people bring reusable water containers and fill them up with water from the fountains. This will preserve the environment, and actually boost people’s health, because even if you did not purchase water from the store, you will have free water from the fountain. In addition, since the water fountains will filter the water it won’t be any different from the one in the bottle. Do not forget to educate your children how to drink from a water fountain – they will really enjoy it!

If you want to install a drinking fountain in your backyard or in your vacation home, please do so. It is easy to use, fresh, clean, and very fun. You will never have to worry about being thirsty again. Call us!

Drinking Water Fountains