Drinking Water Fountains on Easter Day

This weekend was Easter and many people enjoyed the drinking water fountains in parks, where they threw big parties. Easter is one of the occasions during the year when families and friends get together and celebrate. Many people chose to organize the get together in a park. This truly is a great idea, because spring is here and being outdoors can be quite pleasant. People with kids especially enjoyed their time, because the kids were running freely, playing in playgrounds and having great fun. However, being outdoors with kids means that things are going to get messy at one point and kids will be thirsty after playing all day. This means that parents must bring a lot of water. But, luckily for some, there were water fountains in some parks. This was an amazing advantage, because kids drop their spoons, their toys in the mud, their hands get dirty. And the fountains really served a good purpose – they kept everybody clean and at the same time, they kept everybody hydrated. After the party the parks were left clean, because there weren’t any plastic water bottles and tissues scattered around them. This was all because of the water fountains.

Everyone benefited from these devices. Parents were grateful and kids had a great time splashing with water and taking turns to drink from the fountains. At the end of the day everyone was happy. Thank you, drinking water fountains! Check out our website and see the different types of fountains we offer.

Drinking Water Fountains