Water Fountains From Oasis

We carry the full range of water drinking fountains from Oasis. If you have any idea about fountains, you have probably noticed that Oasis is the name on most of the commonplace fountains in various facilities. These fountains can be seen not only in the UK, but throughout Europe as well. You can check out all their products in our website and we are happy to inform you that we also have all the spare parts for the fountains. We have presented you with the pictures and the overall specifications of each cooler on our website and you can easily go through the list. If you are looking for more specific information we have made it possible for you to check the specifications of each and every cooler in debt in a PDF file. Over there, you can see the standard features, you will see how the cooler comes – if needs any additional installation. You can also read about how much is the warranty of the cooler exactly. There are other interesting specifications included in the PDF file. Another thing we have included is the full description of how the cooler works. You can see how all the valves run, where the water comes from and hot it is let out.

Check out all the Oasis drinking fountains we offer and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Drinking Water Fountains